Minutes of the 4 January 2018 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 4th Jan 18

at York NHS Club with 24 members attending

The Chairman wished all the best for the New Year and that our guest for the evening Trevor Massey was unable to attend due to a family illness.             

Apologies were received from Mssrs King; Ballantyne; Thornton; Butcher; Luff; G Hartley; Casterton. Massey

Minutes on Line no matters arising

Social Events  Dinner 7th April; Lol Cussons Evening 1rst March, Names now being taken

Shirts £15

Problem Corner; discussion on the Jon Parkin penalty.Was the ref too quick with his whistle?

Brandon Bishop and Sam Bayley then gave an interactive presentation using an RA video of match incidents discussing;  position, credibility, communication, body language, control, did the ref fulfil expectations of the outcome.

A.o.B. A Blakey said that the Sat League representative team will be playing at Tadcaster on 13th Jan.

It was mentioned of roadworks at Crockey Hill starting. To allow extra time for your journey.

Meeting closed at 9.00

Ian Hotchkies

Minutes of the 5 October 2017 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at York NHS Sports & Social Club
On 5th Oct with 36 members and guests present.

Paul Ballantyne said a few words about Bob Grainger (ex member and member of York FA and York  Minor League) and a minute’s silence was held in his memory.

The chairman welcomed the large attendance to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Godson, Coote, Kaye, Shiers

Minutes from the last meeting were on line, no matters arising.

Social functions; appeals were made to attend a joint function of CRAs & CFA at Northallerton (22 Oct); Dinner , date 7th April, Marriott Hotel,£28.50. guest Geoff Eltringham (national list ref)

Membership 27, with subs due, and discounted fee ends this month.

Problem corner,  instance of abuse from club AR on far touchline with no spectators on; instance of player banter get out of hand.  Various views discussed and hopefully advice given.

The evenings guest, Neil Swarbrick gave a presentation of clips and inviting feedback and alternative decisions if necessary.  Main outcome of the evening was; protect yourselves and look after yourselves. There then followed a Q & A session.

A Presentation was made to John Ledgeway for his commitment during his ten years as chairman.

A.o.B.  an appeal was made for 3 refs and race night at Flag and Whistle

Meeting closed at 9.30

Minutes of the 6 October 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 6th Oct 2016
At NHS Sports & Social Club
With 24 members and guests present.

A moment’s silence was observed in respect of ex RA President Ken Burns and ex magazine editor Paul Gresty.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; P Hartley; Milburn; Luff; Ham; Purdy; McEvoy.

Minutes last meeting; on line with no matters arising.

Dave Milburn, congratulations were given to Dave on being appointed as match commissioner for the Super League Grand Final .

Details were given regarding the dinner (details on line); Polo Shirts; membership and the insurance which has now expired.

Mentoring, James Unwin gave an update on.

Problem Corner, E Shiers/ B Smith/ A Godson all raised topics which were well discussed with Alan Kaye and Dave King giving good advice.

Aaron Bannister our evening guest then gave an interactive presentation of incidents in lower league matches. The floor were invited to decide red/yellow/free kick on them. This created good discussion points.

A o B none

Meeting closed at 9.25

Minutes of the 1 September 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st September
At NHS Club with 23 members and guests.

Prior to the meeting there was a meeting with the latest intake from the forthcoming course hosted by Sam Bayley and James Unwin, and supported by other senior members. They were invited to stay for the main meeting.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting including the parents of the new young referees.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Milburn; Heward; King; Butler.

Minutes of last meeting were on line, no matters arising

Membership Subs are now overdue, and increase to £25 if not paid by the end of this month.

Polo Shirts: York RA have decided to get our own, and the committee were modelling them. They are on sale from Brandon or via the website at £15. Cash with order, if we have run out of stock. Thanks given to Dave King for his work in organising them.

Problem Corner: not wanting to frighten the young recruits dissent was left of the topics. Things covered included fees/expenses; AR co operation; unusual incidents were all discussed.

Due to a SENIOR MOMENT by the secretary who had a mix up with dates, our guest would not be with us. Sam and Jonny used resources on the RA website to host a presentation on simulation.

A o B Dinner to be held 22 April at Marriott.

Meeting closed at 9.15

Minutes from the 1 October 2015 meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st Oct 2015
At NHS Club with 12 members present.

 The chairman welcomed the few to a poorly attended meeting.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Butler; Milburn; Bayley; Shiers; Unwin; G Hartley; Godson, Butcher.

Membership stood at 46, with those who had not renewed are not covered for insurance.

Problems  discussed at length; Parents on touchlines, rolling subs; Offside advantage. The main discussion was regarding the general apathy towards the RA from referees. How do we get them to take an interest!    With level of interest what do we do about any future social functions?

Dave King presented an interactive presentation of what are the main ingredients of advantage. This went well and all spoke out.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.00

Minutes from the 8 Jan 2014 meeting

Minutes of meeting held on Jan 8th 2015 at NHS Club with 21 members and guests present.

A minute’s silence was observed for Mark Ward, secretary of Northallerton RA who had passed away after a long illness.

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting and best wishes for the coming year.

Apols were received from Mssrs Butcher, Coote, Allenby, Milburn and G Ellwood.

Mins last meeting, were read and accepted with no matters arising.

Correspondence regarding vacancies on the board was read.

Membership has risen to 72 an increase of 3 on last season.

Dinner and Lol Cussons evening on 11 April and 27th Feb, names asap to John or Ian. Emails to be sent to members regarding dinner and also regarding selection of menus.

Problem Corner, G Bradbury related an incident at recent York match where a red and yellow card were shown but game restarted with a drop ball to the goalkeeper,

Gail announced she was leaving the club to take over The Inn on The Green in Acomb. This would be her last night. We were invited to here leaving do on 23rd Jan at the club. We wished her the best and we would be made welcome at her new hostelry.

Tony Thornton then hosted the annual quiz which created the usual banter, which was enjoyed by all. Thanks were given.

The buffet followed, and thanks given to Gail for her efforts.

Minutes from the 4 Dec 2014 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 4th Dec 2014

At Dringhouses sports and social club

With 23 members and guests present

 The chairman welcomed all to the meeting

Apols were received Mssrs; Butler; Smith; Boothman; Cook; Suckecki; Allanby; G Hartley.

Mins of last meeting were read and accepted, no matters arising.

Correspondence, RA new address given, details of CRA Liaision meeting to be held in Jan was given.

Cricket Brandon Bishop was hoping that we will be able to play locally and also get a full team this time.

Membership stood at 69

Graham Bradbury gave details of president/secretary’s award.

Problem Corner nothing major this month. Alf Godson related an incident where he bent the laws a bit.

The evenings guest Carl Boyson FL Ref from Hull then gave a talk regarding his career. This was interspaced with incidents and advice for younger members, including; the dangers of Facebook and relevant sites, diet, seek advice from others and coaches. He gave praise to Alan Kaye. Follow instincts when making decisions.

A.o.B. Dave King said there was a refs course starting in January, to pass the word about. Anyone interested to contact him or the CFA.

Meeting closed at 9.35

Minutes of the 1st May 2014 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st May 2014

At NHS Club with 24 members present

Apologies were received, from Mssrs G Hartley; Bradbury; Godson; Shiers; Bishop; Coote; Allenby and B Ballantyne.

Mins of Last meeting  were read and accepted, no matters arising.

Correspondence regarding; CFA central appointments system; fitness tests; RA insurance and reply to complaints about the dinner were read and discussed.

Membership stands at 35, members to be aware you are not covered by insurance if not paid your subs.

York Legends Evening chairman gave a report of a good evening.

Cricket, 29TH June names to Joe Ballantyne. Jonny Ham had been in conversation with a Morcambe member who would like to restart the ties between the RAs in some way.  Thoughts for Sept meeting.

Problem Corner,  advice on a player and spectator at grips was discussed, also length of grass on the pitch, penalty spot in a hole, geography, the web site has  you are the ref questions  and other articles of interest.

Congratulations  were given to promotion candidates and advice given as what to expect and what is expected when you make the step up.

Liam Wodsworth told of his experience in a Croatian tournament , Jan Suchecki and Amy Humphries are going to a tournament in the States

Peter  Hartley asked for sponsorship and assistance in forthcoming cycle ride.

A.o.B. York College always on the lookout to referee matches, contact P Hartley or John Ledgeway

Meeting closed at 9.25

Minutes from the 3 April 2014 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS S&S Club

On 3rd April 2014 with 25 members present.

Apologies, were received from Mssrs; Bradbury, Milburn, J Ballantyne, Godson, Allanby and Ms Humphrys

Minutes of last meeting, were read with no matters arising.

Correspondence,  re, charity match, appeal for refs, Sharon Shortle was read. Congratulations were given to all who had gained promotions.

Dinner and Lol Cussons Evening,  Reports were given for a successful Lol Cussons evening though we would like to see more members attend.  After  deep discussion on the dinner it was decided to send a letter listing our complaints regarding the meal, service  and bar. Photos from the event here.

Subs were now due, £23 rising to £25 in September.  There as an increase in benefit for stolen gear at no extra cost. Anyone interested in joining the club can do so for £6.00.

Cup Final Tickets, Jan Suchecki was first out followed by Richard Simpson then Ben Ballantyne.

Conference details given out for anyone attending for the day. More details here.

A.G.M  anyone interested in putting forward for the committee were asked to do so.

There being no speaker  the meeting was opened up, there followed debate on various items including; 5-a-side discipline; social media; red cards.  Advice was given to the new level 4s as to what is expected of them, on and off the pitch.

A.o.B. P Hartley outlined a charity cycle ride he is organising, appealed for helpers and sponsors. More details here.

Meeting closed at 9.30

Minutes from the 6 February 2014 Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held at NHS S&S Club
on 6 Feb 2014 with 30 members and guests present.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Bradbury; Wadsworth; Butler; Shiers and Sutton

Minutes of last meeting, were read with no matters arising.

Correspondence regarding, York against Cancer concert, Taxation on fees, RA news was given

Membership now stands at 71

Dinner and Lol Cussons Evening, details were given for both events

Cup Final Tickets, names to secretary if you would like to go into the draw for.

Problem Corner, there was a discussion on the amount of diving/pulling/holding /simulation that is going on the top levels of the game.

Syd Nye training officer from Northallerton gave a presentation entitled, Managing. He showed a clip regarding a defensive wall, got everyone into teams and put various scenarios to the groups. This got everyone involved and made an interesting evening.

A.o.B. a ref was asked for to ref a charity match involving Emmerdale cast and for Hamilton Panthers Gala Day on 4th May.

Meeting closed at 9.35