Minutes of the 5 October 2017 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at York NHS Sports & Social Club
On 5th Oct with 36 members and guests present.

Paul Ballantyne said a few words about Bob Grainger (ex member and member of York FA and York  Minor League) and a minute’s silence was held in his memory.

The chairman welcomed the large attendance to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Godson, Coote, Kaye, Shiers

Minutes from the last meeting were on line, no matters arising.

Social functions; appeals were made to attend a joint function of CRAs & CFA at Northallerton (22 Oct); Dinner , date 7th April, Marriott Hotel,£28.50. guest Geoff Eltringham (national list ref)

Membership 27, with subs due, and discounted fee ends this month.

Problem corner,  instance of abuse from club AR on far touchline with no spectators on; instance of player banter get out of hand.  Various views discussed and hopefully advice given.

The evenings guest, Neil Swarbrick gave a presentation of clips and inviting feedback and alternative decisions if necessary.  Main outcome of the evening was; protect yourselves and look after yourselves. There then followed a Q & A session.

A Presentation was made to John Ledgeway for his commitment during his ten years as chairman.

A.o.B.  an appeal was made for 3 refs and race night at Flag and Whistle

Meeting closed at 9.30

Minutes of the 5 January 2017 meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 5th Jan 2017
At NHS Sports & Social Club
With 28 members and guests.

The chairman welcomed all and wished everyone all the best for the new year.

Apologies were received from Mssrs McEvoy; Coote; Thornton.

Details were given regarding; dinner (22 April, details on line), Membership.

John Key gave details of a RA Hub event to be held 16th Jan, by Barkston Ash RA.

Problem Corner; Details of an incident during the recent Spurs V Chelsea match were discussed. The pros and cons of rolling subs were discussed

The evening’s guest Ben Thaler, Super League Official then gave a presentation outlining his career, interspaced throughout with advice to young and up and coming refs, regarding the dos and don’ts, education, social life, working as a team, learning from senior refs and cherry pick if required, be on players’ wavelengths. Develop your own style. Ben then took a question and answer session and called halt after 90 minutes.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.20

I Hotchkies

Minutes of the 6 October 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 6th Oct 2016
At NHS Sports & Social Club
With 24 members and guests present.

A moment’s silence was observed in respect of ex RA President Ken Burns and ex magazine editor Paul Gresty.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; P Hartley; Milburn; Luff; Ham; Purdy; McEvoy.

Minutes last meeting; on line with no matters arising.

Dave Milburn, congratulations were given to Dave on being appointed as match commissioner for the Super League Grand Final .

Details were given regarding the dinner (details on line); Polo Shirts; membership and the insurance which has now expired.

Mentoring, James Unwin gave an update on.

Problem Corner, E Shiers/ B Smith/ A Godson all raised topics which were well discussed with Alan Kaye and Dave King giving good advice.

Aaron Bannister our evening guest then gave an interactive presentation of incidents in lower league matches. The floor were invited to decide red/yellow/free kick on them. This created good discussion points.

A o B none

Meeting closed at 9.25

Minutes from the 4 Dec 2014 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 4th Dec 2014

At Dringhouses sports and social club

With 23 members and guests present

 The chairman welcomed all to the meeting

Apols were received Mssrs; Butler; Smith; Boothman; Cook; Suckecki; Allanby; G Hartley.

Mins of last meeting were read and accepted, no matters arising.

Correspondence, RA new address given, details of CRA Liaision meeting to be held in Jan was given.

Cricket Brandon Bishop was hoping that we will be able to play locally and also get a full team this time.

Membership stood at 69

Graham Bradbury gave details of president/secretary’s award.

Problem Corner nothing major this month. Alf Godson related an incident where he bent the laws a bit.

The evenings guest Carl Boyson FL Ref from Hull then gave a talk regarding his career. This was interspaced with incidents and advice for younger members, including; the dangers of Facebook and relevant sites, diet, seek advice from others and coaches. He gave praise to Alan Kaye. Follow instincts when making decisions.

A.o.B. Dave King said there was a refs course starting in January, to pass the word about. Anyone interested to contact him or the CFA.

Meeting closed at 9.35

Minutes from the 6 February 2014 Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held at NHS S&S Club
on 6 Feb 2014 with 30 members and guests present.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Bradbury; Wadsworth; Butler; Shiers and Sutton

Minutes of last meeting, were read with no matters arising.

Correspondence regarding, York against Cancer concert, Taxation on fees, RA news was given

Membership now stands at 71

Dinner and Lol Cussons Evening, details were given for both events

Cup Final Tickets, names to secretary if you would like to go into the draw for.

Problem Corner, there was a discussion on the amount of diving/pulling/holding /simulation that is going on the top levels of the game.

Syd Nye training officer from Northallerton gave a presentation entitled, Managing. He showed a clip regarding a defensive wall, got everyone into teams and put various scenarios to the groups. This got everyone involved and made an interesting evening.

A.o.B. a ref was asked for to ref a charity match involving Emmerdale cast and for Hamilton Panthers Gala Day on 4th May.

Meeting closed at 9.35

Minutes from the 9 January Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS S&S Club
On 9th Jan 2014 with 30 members and guests present.

A minute’s silence was observed in remembrance of Guy Mitchell, well known sporting stalwart.

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting wishing all the best for the new year.

Apologies were received from Mssrs, GHartley; Ham; Blakey and B Ballantyne.

Minutes of the last meeting were read with no matters arising.

Correspondence re; Futsal course, RA Draw, R Rich was read.

Membership stands at 70

Dinner 29th March, £28, names and seating required. Tickets can be purchased online.

Cricket Joe Ballantyne taking names from those interested.

Lol Cussons evening, 14th  March, names required.

Problem Corner Dave King gave scenario of; penalty kick taken, hits x bar, kicker goes to kick ball for second time, a defender pulls him back. What is the offence? Various thoughts muted around.  Decision, penalty award and caution to defender. Ball still in play and kicker had not committed an offence..

The evening’s guest Michael Ingham was in attendance. He and Graham Bradbury did a player’s forum presentation which lasted over an hour with interaction from the floor.

A.o.B. subs to the social club were due £6.00

Meeting closed at 9.25

Minutes from the branch meeting – 3 October 2013

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Club on 3rd October 2013

With 27 members and guests present.

The chairman welcomed all including Chris McSherry from N Ireland to the meeting

Apologies were received from Mssrs; Milburn, Smith, P Ballantyne, G Hartley, Marshall, Suchecki, Simpson, Godson, Sutton, Bayley, Bishop.

Minutes from the last meeting were read and accepted with no matters arising.

Correspondence regarding CFA fitness test and in service training; Sat league regarding discipline; Mike Tyas; Poppleton on facebook message; RA on assault reporting.

Discussion on 1/ a FA proposals to charge 7-5 promotion candidates, returnable when completed and allowing players to use black strips at all levels. 2/ Dissent on the increase in local leagues. 3/correspondence, 4/ expense claims.

March, no speaker as yet

Problem corner: when ball is changed without refs knowledge and a goal is scored? Goal awarded.  Confirming ref is a part of FOP, if ball strikes him when last played by defender, it goes out of play over goal line a corner is awarded.

Ross Joyce then gave a presentation entitled Game/Player Management, covering the stepped approach before the issuing of cards. This was interactive with questions and opinions given throughout. He also gave an overview as to how professionalism was emerging in the conference league with meetings , training schedules, fitness and mental awareness. Less refs, down from 60 to 30,resulting in further distances to travel.

A.O.B. at the last CRA meeting it was discussed the possibility of bringing back the 5-a-side and quiz. Members appeared in favour of. This still has to be discussed fully at CRA.

Due to long presentation meting closed at 10.00

Minutes from the RA Meeting 5 Sept 2013

Minutes of meeting held on 5 September 2013

At York NHS Sports & Social Club

With 27 members and guests present

A minute’s silence was observed for Noel Madden and John Ibbotson – ex members who sadly died during the close season.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Smith; Milburn; Hartley; Thorpe; Boothman; Godson; Blakey; Bishop; Simpson; and Shiers.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted, matters arising, a report was given on Don and Joan Thorpe.

Correspondence from RA; RA Draw; Rob Rich; was read.

Reports were given regarding Conference, Cricket; Refs course, meeting with Greg Dyke.

Appeals for refs, Gordon Staniforth asked for officials to help out at York College Girls Centre of Excellence(various age groups) and College matches on a Saturday am and Wednesday. York Play Football at Clifton Moor were also looking for refs.

Supplies Joe Ballantyne said he can get Nike kit through the RA at competitive prices, just ask.

Membership stands at 62, it was pleasing to see that there had been payments made on line

The Annual Dinner will be held on March 29th at Park Inn,

The evening’s Guest, Graham Laws ex FL official now PGMOL Referee coach then gave a presentation on his role answering questions and queries along the way. This proved popular as he never finished his power point display when time was called at 9.45.

There being no AOB, meeting closed at 9.50.

Ian Hotchkies


2013/14 Meetings and Guest Speakers

We have confirmed a number of our guest speakers for the 2013/14 season. We are sure you will agree there is a great mix and some really interesting speakers coming to visit us, so we hope you will be able to join us for the meetings!

Meeting DateTheme or Guest Speaker
5 September 2013Graham Laws, PGMOL Referee Coach
3 October 2013Ross Joyce, North Riding Referee Development Officer
7 November 2013TBC
5 December 2013Christmas Quiz and Buffet
9 January 2014Michael Ingham, York City FC
6 February 2014Colin Webster, PGMOL Assessor
6 March 2014Mark Sullivan, Head of PE - York St Johns; Sergeant Major, Bad Boys Army, Yeoman of the Guard
3 April 2014TBC
1 May 2014Annual General Meeting

Our Annual Dinner has been confirmed for 29 March 2014.

Minutes of 4 April Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 4th April at York Hospital S.C.
With approx 27 members and guests present.

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Apols were received from Mssrs; M & G Ellwood, B Ballantyne,R Simpson, G Bradbury, G Boothman, M Smith, G Hartley.

Minutes of last meeting were read, matters arising. Refs should reports match misconduct
incidents, as more had arisen since last meeting

Correspondence from Saturday League re. Respect markings and payment of fees re Premier Div.

Membership stood at 65 for the year. Subs will be due after 31 March. £22 now and increasing to
£25 in October. £11 for junior members. An added incentive is an included benefit of free legal
aid insurance through the RA (worth £30-50 on your policy) this covers pleasure/ business and
refereeing. Subs can be paid online shortly through the web site.

Details were given regarding; York RA web site, RA draw tickets, dinner, Conference,

Lol Cussons Evening A Thornton gave a report on an enjoyable evening

A.GM. anyone interested in being on the committee, give names and seconder to secretary in

Social Club, subs were due, still some outstanding and club are hoping that more of our members
will join.

Problem Corner, There was a long discussion on the correct procedures for penalty deciders. What
happens when two players of the same side collide and injure themselves, they do not have to leave the field of play.

The evening’s guest , Barry Sygmuta, a level 3,4,5 coach gave a very interesting presentation entitled Expectations. Using video clips from Scarboro and Blyth with officials we knew. There was plenty of interaction and discussion.

A.O.B, Elliot Shiers gave details of fitness sessions being organised. J Suchecki mentioned that
York, Humberside and W Yorks Supply leagues will be pooled next season

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.55

Ian Hotchkies