February Meeting – Iain Dunn

Iain Dunn

Monthly Meeting – Thursday 4 February 2016

We are delighted to welcome Iain Dunn, ex-York City, Huddersfield and Chesterfield player, to our February meeting.

Iain was once voted Huddersfield’s “favourite cult hero” and is sure to be an entertaining speaker. He now manages Huntington Rovers.

Our monthly meetings are held at York Hospital Club, starting at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of the month.

Minutes from the 7 Jan 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 7th January 2016
At NHS Sports and Social Club
With 23 members present.

The Chairman welcomed all and wished the best for the New Year.

Apologies were received from; B Smith

Minutes of last meeting; no matters arising

Details of Dinner on 2nd April were given, names required asap. Lol Cussons evening is 4th March, names also required.

Graham Bradbury, gave an update on Don Thorpe and Steve Holman’s state of health. Also on forthcoming concert at the Barbican on March 6th for flood victims. Andy McEvoy updated on Mark Burke’s health.

Membership stood at 57, way down on last year’s total.

There then followed the quiz hosted by Anthony Thornton, this was greeted in the usual way, but enjoyed by all.

This was followed by the buffet.

Proceedings closed around 9.15 with the diehards still gossiping around 10.00

Minutes from the 3 December 2015 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 3rd December 2015

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting including guests from the umpires association.

Apols were received from; A McEvoy; J Ham; G Bradbury; A Luff; J Ballantyne; E Shiers; J Suchecki.

Membership; stands at 56, well below last seasons 70

RA Voice over; an item from 1908 was mentioned regarding York RA being formed.

Problem Corner; the FA had issued guidelines about concussion. There was a discussion on this, also wet pitches and not to be swayed into playing if you think pitch is unfit.

Dinner ; April, will discuss in new year.

Jeff Evans; cricket umpire our evenings guest then gave at very colourful and interesting talk/summary of his career. Highlighting some incidents, characters, teams he has encountered in his 19 years as a first class umpire. He mentioned that they now have fitness test and also injury guidelines (as the concussion guidelines). We had to call Jeff to a close after an hour and three quarters of a very entertaining and absorbing evening.

A o B  none

Meeting closed at 9.55

Comment from the President: A disappointing attendance from our members, with fifteen members plus invited guests. We are trying our best to attract good speakers to our meetings, but it is difficult to justify with low turnouts. Members’ suggestions around the content and format of meetings, to encourage more to attend, would be appreciated.

Minutes from the 5 November 2015 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 5 November 2015
At NHS Club with 20 members present.

 The chairman welcomed colleagues to the meeting. Good to see an increase from earlier meetings.

Apologies were received from I Hotchkies, M Butcher, J Sucheki, P and J Ballantyne.

Membership stood at 50,  and colleagues were reminded of the renewal of subscriptions, with the benefit of motor vehicle legal cover.

Problems  discussed Referee / AR instruction “I’ll back you 100%” (courtesy of “Benchmark”); should the referee say this? Instructions need to be clear and questioned as appropriate. Referee’s need to assess the quality of AR’s and be flexible accordingly.

Mention was made of Strensall (Barracks) pitch size/markings, which had been reported.

Guest Gary Kellett (Bradford) FL Match Observer presented a session on Match Observing at FL level. He was in his 8th season following a lengthy career. He contrasted the old assessing system with  manual note-taking and reports and discussed the current method – using IPad / technology to record and report Key Match Incidents on officials on the FL. The observer does not provide a mark but the system provides the official with a mark from the observations recorded.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.40

Notes from 28 Oct Committee Meeting – the way forward for York RA?

In our continuous quest to improve York RA meetings and make the RA ever more relevant to members, the committee met to discuss ideas about future development. All members’ (and would-be members’) thoughts are very welcome – email us, post on our Facebook wall, or let us know at our next meeting.

Meeting  held on 28th October, with I Hotchkies; Jonny Ham; Joe Ballantyne; Anthony Thornton; Jan Suchecki; Sam Bayley; James Unwin; Brian Smith; Dave Milburn; Connor Ledgeway and Dave King present.

York Academy; improve relations with, suggestion of both meeting on the same night, York RA to start at 8pm after academy.  Encourage parents to attend meetings also.  James  and Geoff to progress

P Hartley suggestions; membership card, stamp attendances at meetings for possible incentives- draw-kit , next season use for FA Cup tickets( to get 3/4  stamps to go into hat). Jonny Ham to progress

Flyer/Poster to produce an eye catching and appealing flyer/poster, and hopefully we can get leagues to send out with correspondence to refs. Ideas were muted. Jonny Ham to progress

Meetings; make more welcoming to young/ new faces, introductions at start of meetings. Make them feel welcome. Cut down on the loud banter. Raffle/Nos board do at interval, and not “in your face”.

Format of meetings; only apols given to secretary prior to meeting will be read out (or no need to read apologies at all); only essential info given-problem corner (not to drag out)-Guest. Aim for 9.30finish at latest if younger refs in attendance.

Identity;  Monogrammed polo shirts/ties , contact G Bradbury/ B Casterton. I Hotchkies/James Unwin to progress.

Dinner;  Do we require toasts to Members/Guests/ Wives? How can we make our events more inclusive?

5th November Meeting – Gary Kellett

We are pleased to welcome ex Premier League Assistant Referee Gary Kellett as our guest speaker on 5th November. Gary is now an assessor and match observer on the Football League.

We are sure Gary will be an excellent speaker and it would be great to get as many members to our meeting as possible – starting 7:30pm at York Hospital Club.

Minutes from the 1 October 2015 meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st Oct 2015
At NHS Club with 12 members present.

 The chairman welcomed the few to a poorly attended meeting.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Butler; Milburn; Bayley; Shiers; Unwin; G Hartley; Godson, Butcher.

Membership stood at 46, with those who had not renewed are not covered for insurance.

Problems  discussed at length; Parents on touchlines, rolling subs; Offside advantage. The main discussion was regarding the general apathy towards the RA from referees. How do we get them to take an interest!    With level of interest what do we do about any future social functions?

Dave King presented an interactive presentation of what are the main ingredients of advantage. This went well and all spoke out.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.00

Minutes of the 3 September Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd September 2015
NHS Club
with 14 members present

Apologies were received, from Mssrs; Unwin; King; C Ledgeway; Smith; Godson; Milburn; P & G Hartley; Turner; Shiers; Allanby, Bradbury

A moment’s silence was held in recognition of Dave Ollis at CFA.

The Chairman welcomed all and apologised for the poor attendance

There were no Matters Arising, from the minutes on the web.

Correspondence, appeal for refs from Woldgate College, Pocklington.

Details were given, R U Taking the P ; Subs due, membership.

Our guest Mark Brown, championship ref from Hull was here and unfortunately the connections to his laptop and the in house system did not match. He then went through the amended Offside Law which has been controversial. He then gave a resumee of his career and then had a Q& A session.

A.o.B. Appeal for refs for various matches. Early wishes were given to Paul Ballantyne on his forthcoming 50th birthday.

Meeting closed at 9.30

Minutes of the 7 May 2015 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on May 7th 2015
At NHS Club with 11 members present.

Lowest recorded attendance in minutes. Minutes go back to 1964.

The chairman opened the meeting explaining that a CFA promotion seminar was taking place that evening.

Apologies were received from Mssrs C Ledgeway; McEvoy; P Ballantyne; Ham; Bishop; Suchecki; Godson; Allanby; Shiers; and Greenway.

Mins of last meeting, were taken as read and accepted, no matters arising.

Dinner, A Thornton gave a report on the dinner. A few points were raised and discussed. Overall venue was accepted and to return next year.

Membership, subs were now due £23.00

There then followed an open session which covered many topics; creating interest in RA, expectations of newer members; helping players/parents involved in youth U11-U8s aware of the laws. Dave King to contact Barry Casterton as to the viability of holding a training night with clubs etc. Various problems were raised  and hopefully constructive advice given.

Meeting closed at 9.15

Ian Hotchkies

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 7 May 2015

Minutes of AGM held on 7th May 2015
at NHS Club, with 11 members present.

This was lowest attendance in the minutes which go back to 1964.

The chairman opened the AGM by saying that the CFA were holding a promotions seminar along with the local FA finals .

Apologies were received from Mssrs; C Ledgeway; Unwin; G Hartley; Smith; Luff; McEvoy; P Ballantyne; Ham; Bishop; Suchecki; Godson; Allanby; Shiers; and Greenway.

Mins last AGM were read, no matters arising.

Secretary’s Report, was given no matters arising.

Treasurers Report, Dave King gave a report saying we were in a healthy position.

Election of Officers, committee was elected as follows;

President/Secretary.. Ian Hotchkies; Chairman/Treasurer.. John Ledgeway; V/Chair.. P Ballantyne; Training Officer..David King; Membership Secretary.. Sam Bayley; Supplies..Brandon Bishop. Committee; Geoff Hartley; Brian Smith; Dave Milburn; Jonny Ham; James Unwin; Conor Ledgeway; Jan Suchecki. Ex Officio.. Tony Thornton. CRA Reps; I Hotchkies; D King. Auditor; Ron Price

There being no permissible business the meeting closed at 7.59.

Ian Hotchkies