5 January Meeting – Ben Thaler

We are delighted to be welcoming Ben Thaler, rugby Super League and international referee, to our 5 January meeting.

Ben is an experienced professional referee from Wakefield and is a very entertaining speaker.

We hope to see many of our members at our January meeting to reflect on Ben’s career and what we can learn from that to improve our own refereeing.

Minutes of the 1 December 2016 Meeting

Minutes of Meeting
held at NHS Sports Club on 1st Dec 2016
with 29 Members present.

Jonny Ham took the chair and welcomed all to the meeting.

A minute’s silence was observed for Joan Thorpe.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; Bayley; Blakey, and Atkinson

Minutes last meeting; no matters arising.

Dinner: details were on line with booking form. 27th April, Marriott Hotel; £28.50. Ian Blanchard guest.

Membership stands at 57, low compared to previous years.

Polo Shirts, available to all. One on display.

Problem Corner, topics discussed were; an off the field incident when ball was still in play; Club marks and club facilities.

Tony Thornton then hosted the quiz. Thanks were given after.

Followed by the buffet.

Meeting closed at 9.30

Minutes of the 3 November 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Sports Club on 3rd Nov 2016
With 32 members and guests present.

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, with members from Scarborough and Barkston Ash RAs in attendance.

Apologies were received from Mssrs P Ballantyne; G Bradbury.

Mins last meeting; on line, no matters arising.

Details were given, regarding a first aid course; polo shirts; Barkston Ash forthcoming RAFA event.

Membership stood at 43.

Problem Corner; Dave King hosted a interactive quiz based on questions with answers required by bodies moving to a choice of one of four corners.

Darren England, ex FIFA assistant now reffing in the Football League then gave a presentation. Starting with an outline of his career, then became interactive with an item called the Iceberg Illusion, followed by clips and group discussions on the findings. This was an entertaining presentation.

There being no more business, meeting closed at 9.45

Minutes of the 6 October 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 6th Oct 2016
At NHS Sports & Social Club
With 24 members and guests present.

A moment’s silence was observed in respect of ex RA President Ken Burns and ex magazine editor Paul Gresty.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; P Hartley; Milburn; Luff; Ham; Purdy; McEvoy.

Minutes last meeting; on line with no matters arising.

Dave Milburn, congratulations were given to Dave on being appointed as match commissioner for the Super League Grand Final .

Details were given regarding the dinner (details on line); Polo Shirts; membership and the insurance which has now expired.

Mentoring, James Unwin gave an update on.

Problem Corner, E Shiers/ B Smith/ A Godson all raised topics which were well discussed with Alan Kaye and Dave King giving good advice.

Aaron Bannister our evening guest then gave an interactive presentation of incidents in lower league matches. The floor were invited to decide red/yellow/free kick on them. This created good discussion points.

A o B none

Meeting closed at 9.25

Minutes of the 1 September 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st September
At NHS Club with 23 members and guests.

Prior to the meeting there was a meeting with the latest intake from the forthcoming course hosted by Sam Bayley and James Unwin, and supported by other senior members. They were invited to stay for the main meeting.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting including the parents of the new young referees.

Apologies were received from Mssrs Milburn; Heward; King; Butler.

Minutes of last meeting were on line, no matters arising

Membership Subs are now overdue, and increase to £25 if not paid by the end of this month.

Polo Shirts: York RA have decided to get our own, and the committee were modelling them. They are on sale from Brandon or via the website at £15. Cash with order, if we have run out of stock. Thanks given to Dave King for his work in organising them.

Problem Corner: not wanting to frighten the young recruits dissent was left of the topics. Things covered included fees/expenses; AR co operation; unusual incidents were all discussed.

Due to a SENIOR MOMENT by the secretary who had a mix up with dates, our guest would not be with us. Sam and Jonny used resources on the RA website to host a presentation on simulation.

A o B Dinner to be held 22 April at Marriott.

Meeting closed at 9.15

Minutes of the 6 May 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Sports & Social Club
on 5 May 2016 with 17 members present


Apologies were received from B Bishop; A Godson;G Bradbury; A Mcevoy; M Butcher;

Chairman Sam Bayley gave thanks to the outgoing chairman, John Ledgeway and Vice chair, Paul Ballantyne. He then made a small presentation to John for his 10 years in the chair.

Outline of the Future: the Chairman then gave an outline as what he (us all) would like the future of York RA to be.

Problem Corner: the chairman gave an account of an incident that had occurred to him in an evening match, asking the floor for their views. This created an in depth discussion with various views and opinions raised. There was also a discussion on Mark Clattenburg’s handling of the Chelsea V Spurs match played earlier in the week.

Meeting Closed at 8.45

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Thursday 5 May 2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held on 5 May 2016
at York NHS Social Club with 15 members present.

In the absence of the Chairman the President opened the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; J Ledgeway; B Bishop; G Bradbury; A McEvoy; A Godson; M Butcher.

Minutes of the last AGM were accepted with no matters arising

Secretary’s Report was read with no matters arising.

Treasurers Report – due to time constraints this was not available. Dave King gave a verbal report saying we are in a good situation, and that accounts would be made available to members at the September meeting.

Election of Officers 2016/7

President: Ian Hotchkies
Chairman: Sam Bayley
Vice Chair: Jonny Ham
Secretary: Ian Hotchkies
Treasurer: John Ledgeway
Training Officer: David King
Membership Secretary: James Unwin
Supplies Officer: Brandon Bishop
Ex Officio (Immediate Past Chairman): John Ledgeway

Committee Members
Conor Ledgeway
Anthony Thornton
Paul Ballantyne
Joe Ballantyne
Elliot Shiers
Brian Smith
Dave Milburn

Additional Roles
County RA Reps: Ian Hotchkies & David King
Auditor: Ron Price
FA Reps: David King & Graham Bradbury

There being no permissible business, the meeting closed at 8.00

Minutes of 7 April 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Sports & Social Club

On 7th April 2016 with 11 members present

The Chairman welcomed the attendance made up of 10 committee and one ordinary member.

Apologies were received from B Bishop; A Godson; P Hartley; M Burke; A McEvoy; A Luff; A Dennison, J Ham.

Congratulations were given to those who have received promotions and CFA Final appointments.

Dinner: a report was given regarding a successful dinner, marred only by late withdrawals. Feedback is requested from all members.

Details were given regarding; Conference; R U Taking the P run; Subs for next season.

C Ledgeway gave a report of his trip to Wolverhampton.

Dave King gave a presentation highlighting what he believes to be the most important of the Law changes which will come in during the summer. These were discussed in depth.

Meeting Closed at 9.25

Meeting minutes on 3 March 2016

Minutes of Meeting held at NHS Sports and Social Club
On 3rd March 2016 with 18 members present.

Apologies (8) from: Ian Hotchkies, Gerry Bee, Andy McEvoy, Brian Smith, David Milburn, Peter Hartley, Paul and Joe Ballantyne.

David King took the minutes due to the Secretary’s absence.

Minutes, no matters arising.

Details were given regarding; Lol Cussons evening (free), 4th March; Annual Legends evening (£17.50), 1 April and Dinner (£25), 2nd April – names to Ian Hotchkies.

Also BARA / Development Event in Leeds on Monday 21 March 2016, guest Mike Riley. BARA to be presented with their Gold Quest award.

Membership is at 58 no. down on previous years.

Schools Finals (Yr 7-11): Brandon Bishop asked for referees for games on 22/3 march at Wigginton KO 4pm.

Problem Corner – not discussed

Keith Scoffham talked about his career as a referee based in the NE. Originally from Chesterfield. Refereeing for some 50 years and still active on Northern Alliance.

Keith talked about “Us, T’others and Them” – discussing his experiences as a referee (secretaries, groundsmen and  footballers) and the need to manage games and use people skills.

All were reminded of the forthcoming events (Lol Cussons 4 March, Legends Evening 1 April and RA Dinner 2 April 2016).

Next committee meeting is 30 March and next meeting is 7 April 2016.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.35.

Minutes of the 4 Feb 2016 Meeting

Minutes of Meeting held at NHS Sports and Social Club
On 4th Feb 2016 with 18 members present.

A Minute’s Silence was observed for Albert Ridsdale ( 23 years service  1958-81)an ex member who passed away recently.

Paul Ballantyne took the chair due to the chairman arriving late. Welcoming Mark Burke (Barkston Ash) after his illness.

The Secretary welcomed Rob Rich a long standing member who had been away from the area for many years.

Minutes, no matters arising.

Details were given regarding; Lol Cussons evening, 4th March; Dinner, 2nd April; FA Cup ticket draw.

Assistants Fees, there was a discussion on this as the York League want to bring their Premier fees in line with West Riding and Humber Leagues to £20.00 fee with no mileage. The feeling was favourable. Swings and roundabouts summed the mood.

Problem Corner, discussion on disciplinary action prior to kick off.

Iain Dunn ex York City our guest for the evening then gave a chat on his career, highs, lows,people who helped his career and incidents from local playing fields to professional grounds back to the local pitch at Huntington. He chatted with plenty of interaction for approx 90 mins.

All were reminded of  the forthcoming events. There being no more business meeting closed at 9.45.

I Hotchkies