2018 Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s Report 3rd May 2018

It has been a bad year with members passing away, with life member Don Thorpe and ex members John Fowler; Kevin Sweeting; and Keith Hatfield.

Overall it has been a good season for us with membership up, partly due to the newly qualified members getting a year with no payments.

Attendances averaged at 25 with highest 36 for Neil Swarbrick  to 19 in September.  Once again we had some excellent guests including Neil Swarbrick; Mark Haywood; and Guy Mowbray. Unfortunately Trevor Massey’s wife took ill at the last minute, but he has rescheduled for next season. Thanks to all who assisted with the evenings; Alan Kay; Tony Thornton; Sam Bayley.

One the social side we had Tony’s Quiz; Lol Cussons evening and our dinner. All enjoyable events but sadly numbers for the Lol Cussons and Dinner are falling. Congratulations to all who received awards at the two events.

Congratulations to all who gained promotions and final appointments, they are rewards for your endeavours over the season.

Thanks to all who helped out with raffles and committee throughout.

Ian Hotchkies

Minutes of the 3 May 2018 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held after AGM

With 11 members in attendance

At NHS Club on 3rd May 2018

The chairman welcomed all to a very depleted meeting.

Apols were received from Mssrs Rich; McEvoy; Luff; P Hartley; Blakey; Burke; Thornton.

Congratutations were given  James Unwin and Connor Ledgeway on their promotions to levels 3  and 4. Alan Kaye gave them both some sound advice for the coming season.

Minutes last meeting,  no matters arising.

Dinner, discussion on; main problem was lack of quantity with the salmon course and lack of veg. Take on board for next event. Was discussion on how to attract younger members to the event.

Problem Corner, Chris Harris (new ref) went through his abandonment of a match due to injury and helicopter being called in. He had coped very well and hopefully some good advice given during the discussion.

Speakers , discussion on speakers and format for next season.

Meeting closed at 9.05

Ian Hotchkies

Minutes from the 2018 AGM

Minutes of AGM held on 3 rd May 2018

With 9 members present at NHS Club, Whitecross Rd.

The Chairman welcomed all to a very depleted meeting, with only 9 members present. Two were not committee members.

Apols were received from Mssrs Thornton; Rich; McEvoy;Luff;P Hartley;Blakey;Burke.

Mins last meeting  were on with no matters arising.

Secretary’s Report was given from memory as a certain committee member who was due to photo copy for the meeting did not attend the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report, was given and discussed

Chairman’s Report in a break from tradition, the chairman gave a report.

Election of Officers;  President; Ian Hotchkies…Chairman; Sam Bayley…V Chair; Jonny Ham…

Secretary; Ian Hotchkies….Treasurer; John Ledgeway…. Supplies; Connor Ledgeway…..Ref Dev/Membership; James Unwin…Communications; Dave King….Welfare; Barry Casterton.

Officers withoutportfolio; Brian Smith; Paul Ballantyne; Anthony Thornton; Matt Butcher; Alan Kaye; John Ledgeway.

NRCRA Dels  David King….Auditor  Ron Price

There being no permissible business meeting closed at 8.02

Minutes from the 5 April 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 5 April 2018
At NHS Sports & Social Club
With 33 members and guests attending

Minute’s silence was observed for Don Thorpe; John Fowler and Kevin Sweeting who had passed away recently.

Apologies were received from Mssrs J Ledgeway; McEvoy; Shiers; Atkinson; Bishop.

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, with a good turnout.

Dinner all in hand and appeal made for raffle prizes.

Welfare Officers, Barry Casterton , York RA and David King, CRA

R U Taking the P run names asked for as we had our members run in refs kit to the event over the past 4/5 years. All in a good cause, walk, run and half and half.

A Blakey gave details of the York League’s team victory in the semi final, and details of the new appointments sec.

Problem corner  Dave King said he was representing an E Riding referee who has been accused of swearing at a player. Anyone young or old who finds themselves in  this situation can get help from the RA locally or nationally.

 Graham Bradbury gave a profile of Don Thorpe our ex president (twice), MSA recipient, life member and regular attendee at meetings. Also mentioning ex members John Fowler and Kevin Sweeting.

Lol Cussons Award was presented to Anthony Thornton by Guy Mowbray, due to Anthony being unable to attend the dinner.

Guy Mowbray our guest for the evening gave a resume of his history interspaced with questions and queries from the floor. He touched on numerous topics including; VAR; UAFA;FIFA; bias in fans; interviewing players/managers; also techniques for interviewing; social media; venues; York City; Nigel Worthington; how he got into broadcasting. After 90 mins we had to call a close to discussion.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.40 with more carrying on after.

Ian Hotchkies.

Minutes of the 1 February 2018 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st Feb 2018
At NHS Sports Club

With 21 members and guests in attendance

The chairman welcomed all.

Apols were received from Mssrs McEvoy; Milburn; Blakey; J Ledgeway; Shiers; Bradbury.

Dinner/ Lol Cussons evenings, names, menu selections, monies were now being taken

Welfare Officer, Barry Casterton had agreed to take this position. David King the CRA position.

Problem Corner, there was on incident in recent Liverpool match regarding homophobic remarks.
This was discussed also refs actions.

Ross Joyce RDO of NRCFA then gave a very interesting presentation regarding misconduct. This
covered the whole game system, benefits of/ setting out and reporting. Viewing match incidents,
with group discussions on mock reports with review and feedback. New guidelines were highlighted
regarding offences against match officials, ie, failure to control players. (Even at grass roots level)

A.o.B none
Meeting closed at 9.30

Minutes of the 4 January 2018 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 4th Jan 18

at York NHS Club with 24 members attending

The Chairman wished all the best for the New Year and that our guest for the evening Trevor Massey was unable to attend due to a family illness.             

Apologies were received from Mssrs King; Ballantyne; Thornton; Butcher; Luff; G Hartley; Casterton. Massey

Minutes on Line no matters arising

Social Events  Dinner 7th April; Lol Cussons Evening 1rst March, Names now being taken

Shirts £15

Problem Corner; discussion on the Jon Parkin penalty.Was the ref too quick with his whistle?

Brandon Bishop and Sam Bayley then gave an interactive presentation using an RA video of match incidents discussing;  position, credibility, communication, body language, control, did the ref fulfil expectations of the outcome.

A.o.B. A Blakey said that the Sat League representative team will be playing at Tadcaster on 13th Jan.

It was mentioned of roadworks at Crockey Hill starting. To allow extra time for your journey.

Meeting closed at 9.00

Ian Hotchkies

Minutes from the 7 December 2017 Meeting

Meeting of the meeting held on  Dec 7th at NHS Social Club

With 23 members and guests attending.

 The Chairman welcomed all, and as there were some new faces in the in the meeting everyone introduced themselves.

Apols were received from Mssrs P& G Hartley; Smith; Unwin; Shiers; Kay; Blakey.

Social events, details were given regarding the dinner; Marriott 7th April, same price and menu as last year.  Lol Cussons evening will be 2nd March.

Nov meeting, feedback was asked for regarding the topic. Overall it was the lack of notice given to the speaker and content of the topic.  There was a discussion on the theme of the next CRA/CFA  meeting.  Chairman to contact CFA with our views.

Annual Xmas Quiz, this was hosted in the usual fashion with Tony being quizmaster.  Thanks were given to him for all the effort put in.

There then followed a buffet,

Meeting closed at 9.20

Ian Hotchkies

Minutes of the 2 November 2017 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at
NHS Sports & Social Club
With 20 members and guests attending.

Chairman welcomed all and made a prompt start as the presentation was due to last 90 mins.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; McEvoy; Thornton; Blakey; Kaye; Wadsworth; Unwin; Butcher; Bishop.

Mins last meeting;  on line; no matters arising.

Details were given regarding Dinner; Subs Due; York RA shirts.

Mark Haywood  RDO West Riding CFA, our guest then gave a CFA presentation entitled “ Managing the game at grassroots level”. This was aided with slides , rather rushed due to illness at CFA (North Riding).   He covered numerous topics mentioning; confidence, calmness, understanding, behaviour, useful traits, managing players, stepped approach, be a good listener, manage incidents on the pitch, 9/5 challenges, warning signs as to trouble brewing, frustration.    These topics were discussed and feedback was given. Due to a computer hitch, he had to improvise for the latter part of the evening. There was then a Q& A finish.

There was no A o B and meeting closed at 9.10