York RA AGM September 2021

York RA AGM – 2 Sept 2021

Minutes of AGM held on Sept 2nd 2021 at NHS Sports Club with 23 members and guests in attendance.

Apols were received from Mssrs; J Ledgeway; Rhodes; Black; Paul-Gordon; Bradbury (late); Gray; Blakey; Bishop; Bayley; Burke; Smith; Mollov.

The chairman welcomed all, new and older faces saying, glad to be back.
Mins silence was observed members (York and others) who had passed away over the past year.

Presentations were made to the recipients of York FA Senior/Junior Cup mementos from 2019/20/21 who were in attendance by our guest Bobby Madley.

AGM reports were submitted on line, no matters arising and all accepted

Election of Officers; thanks were given to retiring officers with thanks (J Unwin, B Smith). No new names were submitted, rest of committee were re elected.

Meeting closed 7.50pm

Chairman’s Update – 28 August 2021

Little did I know when accepting the position of Chairman at the 2019 AGM that the world would change!

Indeed, as I enter my 3rd Term of Office, I have yet to experience the wonderful occasion of the Annual Dinner where I could delight in recognising the yearly achievements of all our Match Officials.

Although the pandemic is not fully under control, as a committee we now feel more safe and secure to recommence face to face monthly meetings and I am eagerly awaiting our first meeting of the new season which will be held at York Hospital Club on Thursday 2nd September 2021.

Given what has happened over the past 18 months, it has been difficult to motivate and inspire colleagues. Some will have found other interests and hobbies and others will have simply moved on in their personal circumstances.

However, at York RA we have a dedicated Team of Officials who have maintained a high level of interest over these difficult times and as a committee, we are keen to bring back good times.

We pride ourselves on being able to encourage top quality guest speakers to our meetings and we are always seeking out ways to entertain, educate and put together a meeting content which will aide the development of all Match Officials/Mentors/Observers and others interested in Refereeing.

I am confident that as we move forward and the new season evolves, enthusiasm for Football at local level will rise back up and our game will see many of you regain the enjoyment of Refereeing and get back on the progression ladder, in hope of achieving your full potential.

We here at York RA are committed to helping each one of you derive much enjoyment from your games and our meetings are designed to build on the superb work of the NRCFA but doing so in a relaxed, informal and enjoyable setting.

It is my hope, as we get back to all things normal, that we can build up our membership for the benefit of our membership where all will be welcome, particularly our Junior Referees and their parents.

So, as I enter my 3rd term, looking forward to the dinner next year, can I encourage you to come along to our meetings, enjoy yourselves and learn a little along the way.

I wish you all a successful Season and I look forward to meeting you and sharing your company in due course.


Best Wishes.




Alan Kaye, Chairman

York Referees’Association

York RA Meeting minutes – 14 January 2021

York RA Online meeting – 14 January 2021

With 21 members and guests attending.


Register of attendees;  R Joyce; A Kaye; D King; J & C Ledgeway; P Ballantyne; I Hotchkies; G Mann; S Jackson; A Rose; H Oaten; R Rich; M Ellis; V Mollov; T Shepherdson; T Sparrow; M Cottingham; J Black; J Logue; S Lewis; A McEvoy; S Nelson.

Apols were received from Mssrs; D Holmes; B Casterton; J Unwin; S Bayley.


 The Chairman; Alan Kaye welcomed all to the meeting, he outlined plans for the forthcoming months and troubles that have occurred over the past months. Wished BC speedy recovery.

Dave King, then gave an update on the national RA with their zoom sessions and forthcoming presentations. ie this Sunday 17th Jan a RA/FA Virtual Summit covering various speakers (including Liam Slack) ex York RA speaker. York RA web is updated regularly / regular newsletter.

John Ledgeway, membership stands at 30 odd. £15 (£12 to RA covering insurance). York RA have decided that any person renewing membership from now until the end of the RA year at Aug can now pay £10 / £6 U18 and reductions for new referees

Ross Joyce, CFA Development Manager then gave an update of the plans for future, to keep us all occupied. Various modules; Remote Learning; Zoom presentations with guests (8 Feb next date); topic for young and older refs. Social Media (#NRCFARefDev).

Also looking to develop a Match Officials Consultation Group.

Stressed need for referees to keep up to date with Safeguarding (online) and DBS

Q&A, curtailing of the season; pressure on refs.

The chairman gave a vote of thanks.

AoB;  discussion on ; new venue; Sept start for the season; membership; reminder for RA zoom presentation.

Meeting closed 8.25

A quick committee meeting followed; comm meeting 25th Feb;  4th March meeting.

Chairman’s Update – 4 November 2020

Dear Friends, members of York RA and all of you connected to Refereeing.

As the Season unfolds, we seem to be heading for a further ‘Footy Lockdown.’

Certainly, the Professional Game has been given the go ahead to continue, albeit in surreal circumstances with crowds not permitted, but what about our local football?

As I write, we all await the decision of government regarding local football and without being too despondent, I fear we will see the temporary postponement of many local games, both Saturday and Sunday (now confirmed)

So, what are we to do in these trying times?

Well, firstly, go along with the decisions of those in power and stay safe by looking after yourself and your families. For those of you active officials, I would encourage you to get out whenever and wherever you can to maintain a good state of fitness in readiness for the resumption, when safe to do so of course.

Our mental health is vital and keeping fit is one way to combat many issues which could have a negative effect upon our wellbeing.

For me, whilst a dodgy knee prevents my pursuit of an Olympic 10,000m Gold Medal, swimming has been my lifeline. For now, the walking boots are out and ready to roam our wonderful North Yorkshire countryside.

So, we here at York RA have been pondering how best to help and support you whilst in lockdown.

No easy answers other than to let you know that we are here and available to answer your calls and help in any way we can. We have a great wealth of experience on the committee with members willing and able to be at your disposal for help, advice and support. Our contact details can be found on the York RA website, do not hesitate to call. (www.yorkreferee.co.uk)

Nationally, the RA is still active via Zoom meetings and recently has put on some great sessions with high profile Referees and other athletes, Indeed the next Zoom will be a presentation with Howard Webb…..heard of that guy somewhere! Check out the National RA Website for details of this and forthcoming events which, due to demand you need to get in early and book your spot. (https://www.the-ra.org/).

Also, whilst in lockdown, membership of the National & Local RA covers you for Insurance purposes and there is a wide range of benefits to members some of which, particularly if you are furloughed or otherwise in some financial difficulty, may be of benefit.

We have considered further monthly Zoom/Teams Meetings but our scheduled meeting for this Thursday (5th) has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

I would invite you all to write to me personally or any member of the Committee with ideas on what you wish to see via Zoom/Teams sessions over the coming months. What can we do to stimulate and help keep you motivated and prepared to see the season to a conclusion?

Our hope is that once Christmas passes, there may be some return to normality and if so, we can get back to live monthly meetings and prepare for the annual dinner, which incidentally is a great event at the end of May and one which would give us an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of all our Match Officials and those who offer support in other ways over the past 2 seasons.

So, get in touch, share your ideas, tell us how we can best support you but, more importantly, look after yourself, look after your families, stay safe and remain optimistic that we will beat this awful virus and although life as we knew it may never be the same, we can adapt and ‘get on with the game.’

I wish you all well.


Alan Kaye


York RA


07789 005327

September 2020 meeting

Microsoft Teams meeting on 3 Sept 2020


An inaugural online meeting was held to start the new season, rather than our usual venue

The Chairman welcomed members to the event

Conor Ledgeway gave an update on COVID-19 protocols

David King then provided a brief summary of the new Law changes

James Unwin updated us on the local league scene for 2020-21

The presentation used was emailed to all members/referees for them to digest


The formal AGM took place and with no new proposals the existing officers / committee were re-elected (those wishing to stand)

The main change was that Conor Ledgeway is the new Vice Chairman

[see full list on officers/committee page at York RA tab]

Chairman’s Letter – July 2020


Dear Friends, colleagues, past, present and future members of York Referees’ Association.

Well, what strange times we have endured these past few months. Just when we were looking forward to plum appointments, promotions and otherwise enjoying our Football Refereeing in all its forms, football was pulled out from under our feet.

However, there is some light at the end of the long tunnel and although watching professional football in empty stadiums barely compensates, it nevertheless helps to reignite our love and enthusiasm for the game.

I am optimistic that at local level, we can look forward to resuming and ‘getting on with the game, from September.

North Riding County FA are making preparations for the re commencement of Football in our area, the Club and Referee Registration process is now open and the Leagues can affiliate from 13th July.  The York Minster Engineering League Premier League will hopefully kick-off on Saturday 8th August with the other York Leagues planning to commence on the weekend of 5/6th September.

Here at York RA, we have kept abreast of developments within the National RA and our own dedicated Committee have met (Via Zoom) to prepare for next season and to look after all our best interests.

We have made a provisional date to hold our 1st Meeting of the new Season on Thursday 3rd September 2020 at the usual venue of the York Hospital Club (put that date in your diary now).    York NHS Social Club, Whitecross Road, YO31 8JR

If there are still social distancing rules to follow then we can accommodate that as the Club has ample space and facilities to do so.

Confirmation of that meeting will be published later but we intend to hold the Annual General Meeting as a first agenda item, keeping the time down to a minimum, followed by a key guest speaker from within the professional game.

In relation to the AGM, should anyone wish to stand on the Committee for next season then please either let me know personally or, turn up at the meeting and put yourself forward.

Due to the Codiv 19 pandemic, as our season ended prematurely, we had no opportunity to hold an AGM, the Annual Dinner or make presentation to our successful Match Officials.

We are in the process of recognising your past achievements and suitable mementoes will be presented at a future meeting.

Our Annual Dinner, which is a fantastic social occasion, was clearly cancelled at short notice but we have re booked for next season so put Friday 21st May 2021 into your diary as an event not to be missed.

FA Premier League Referee Andy Madley was to be our guest speaker at that event and he is still waiting in the wings for a future invite, such is our respect our Association holds within the Professional game.

Now, we need to get back to the real business of supporting you, our York & District based Referees, Observers, Mentors and supporters of all things Refereeing so, one of the initiatives for this coming season will be a significant reduction in our annual membership fees.

For full adult members, the fee for 2020/21 will be £15 if paid up before the end of October. After that the fee will increase to £20. That is a reduction of £8 & £3 respectively so please take advantage of this offer. For those of you who pay annually via direct debit, fear not the necessary arrangements have been made for the appropriate deduction.

Of course, 1st Year Referees and New Members signing up for the first time are welcome free of charge and for those members under 18, the membership fee is £6 only.

“What do I get for my Fifteen Quid?” you may ask. Well, you become a member of the National RA with all the benefits which they afford, for example, inclusion on the RA Insurance Policy and numerous discounts on items of Referee equipment and various other benefits which are well advertised on the National RA Website  www.the-ra.org  In addition to that, you will be supported by the National RA should you require the services of a suitably qualified professional to represent you in any Refereeing matter that you may become involved.

Locally, you join a very well established and respected Association where we provide a social aspect to our in house training and development. You only have to trawl back through past meetings to see that the quality of guest speakers are second to none. From Martin Atkinson to Jon Moss, Andy Halliday (VAR Expert), Gary Kellett (Senior Match Observer), Liam Slack (PGMOL Sports scientist), Andy Madley, Mark Haywood and Paul Tierney to name but a few. Where else can you listen and learn from the experiences of these guys whilst at the same time being entertained.

We are recognised as being one of the top 10 Local Referee Associations in the Country and we intend to enhance that profile but, can only do so with your support.

All our top professional Match officials and I mean, all of them, joined there local RA at the start of their careers and ALL of them are still members today.

Just think what you could achieve when in the company of our Nation’s best, in a safe and enjoyable environment……worth the effort I can tell you.

For our younger Match officials, can I offer my encouragement for you to come along, in the knowledge that you are safe and will benefit from the experience of listening to others, who have all gone through the same processes and climbed the same ladders as you are doing right now.

I would encourage parents or adult family members to support their young Referee by also coming along to our meetings and can tell you that on our Committee we have an appointed Welfare officer who is held in very high regard within the North Riding County FA safeguarding community.

We welcome all those involved in Refereeing, whether you blow a whistle, hold a flag, work as an administrator, support our Referees through the mentoring or observing schemes or are simply a retired official in some Refereeing capacity who is able and would enjoy passing on valuable experience.

This message is designed to ignite your enthusiasm for the new season. Writing it has certainly set my pulse racing again and I look forward to meeting and teaming up with you all in the very near future.

Should you or the parents of young Referees have any queries, concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to contact me direct or any member of our Committee. My details are appended below and Committee details are included on our website www.yorkreferee.co.uk/

We will endeavour to keep you abreast of developments but for now, clean the boots, oil the whistle, iron the flag, sharpen the pencil, get fit and stay safe.

With my very Best Wishes.



Alan Kaye

Chairman, York RA

(H) 01653 648759

(M) 07789 005327


March meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 5th March 20

At NHS Sports Club with 17 members attending.


The Vice chair welcomed all to the meeting in the absence of the chairman.

Apols  were received (7) from Mssrs; Kaye; Bayley; Coote; Ballantyne; Thornton; Cottingham; McEvoy.

A Moments Silence was observed by ex RA-York FA member Alan Blenkinsopp. Alan set up the assessing scheme in York many years before CFA took his idea (Funeral on 12 March at York Crem 2.20pm)

Details were given of the Lol Cussons evening (6 March) and the dinner on 22 May (flyers handed out).

Report writing, the vice chair brought up the standard of report writing (or lack of it). When writing reports use correct grammar and check through before sending off. If spectator misconduct, a copy to the league as well.

Safeguarding, Barry Casterton gave a quick report mentioning that all under 18s will be on WGS this will do away with some players not having correct details listed or signed on with more than one club.  All refs will require safeguarding and DBS certificates, as under 18 can play open age football.

Supply League, still awaiting decision on the outcome, a meeting forthcoming.

The evenings guest, Ex FL/Prem Ref now match observer with PGMOL / FA Core, amongst other posts gave a presentation. Starting with a rundown of his path from reffing to the present, highlighting various competitions/countries/UEFA / FA Core group he is involved in.

He gave an insight into the workings of the FA Core group of which a couple of our members are involved in. 450 ref ranging from level 7-2b over 8 regions. Sessions can be very intense.

He finished showing 4 clips of incidents at National League level which were discussed in depth.

All thanked him for a very absorbing evening.

There being on AoB  the meeting closed at a late 10.15.

February 2020 meeting minutes

Minutes held on 6th Feb 2020

at York NHS Club

With 15 members present.


 The chairman welcomed all, mentioning the poor turnout and that there is a distinct absence of new members now a days. He is hoping to set something up to rectify this.

Apologies; were received from Mssrs; Ham; J & P Hartley; Blakey; Casterton; Unwin; Milburn; Cottingham; Bayley; Hodgkinson.

Apols if I missed anyone.


Lol Cussons evening, 6th March, please give names to John Ledgeway.

Dinner; 22nd May, Andy Madley is the evening’s guest. Menu and programme will be put on line.

Dallas Cup; congratulations were given to Conor Ledgeway for being invited, especially after his illness last year.

FA Cup Final Tickets; anyone interested put their name in writing to secretary.

Welfare; the chairman gave a report; mentioning any abuse against any refs young/older to report it. If we see/hear it, REPORT it.

Problem corner;  it was brought up at a recent meeting (not ours) regarding the execution of an uncontested drop ball, all but one in the group gave the wrong answer.  Seemingly all must be 4 metres away when ball is dropped.


The evenings guest Mark Haywood, was introduced by the Chairman, mentioning he is head of refereeing at WRCFA. He gave an interactive presentation “Raising the Standards” involving National League matches. Covering Identifying challenges; DOGSO;  managing the game. This gave plenty of discussion with matches that were relevant to all in attendance.


A.o.B, there was none apart from older members will remember ex member and Football League official Matt Messias is back in the area .

Meeting closed on a very enjoyable evening at 9.30

Jan 2020 meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 9th Jan 2020 at

NHS Club, with 17 members attending


The chairman welcomed all and wished all New Years Greetings.

Apols  were received from Mssrs; McEvoy; Casterton; Black; Thornton; Cottingham; Unwin; G &P Hartley.

Minutes of Last meeting were on line, no matters arising.

Lol Cussons Award and Annual Dinner. On 6th March and 22nd May respectively. Names required for both.

Correspondence;  details regarding a young ref in Stockport having problems (Committee will be discussing).

A.o.B. New Stadium safety certificate, events in hand but lack of info from top level.  Changes to Supply League Status, only one between York, West  Riding and Humber to remain.  CFA trialing a system where young refs go out with PGMOL observers on matchdays.

Andy Madley  , congratulations were given on his elevation to FIFA ranks. He then gave a presentation entitled My Week; Match Day Routine.   Starting with Monday 4pm; appointments—Travel arrangements—Match evaluation reports—Meal plan—Travel—The match—Game recovery—Review.   All were discussed and interacted on.  There was a discussion on the marking system with over 400 decisions to query.   Other points discussed were; use computer for info on teams/ venues etc as all helps the smooth running; Player management; FIFA outlook for the future.

Conor Ledgeway gave a VoT for a very interesting and informative talk.

Was a pity that newer refs were not in attendance.


Meeting closed at 9.30

December meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 5th Dec 19 at

NHS Sports & Social Club with 26 members and guests in attendance.


Apols were received from Mssrs; McEvoy; Unwin; Drummond; Coote.

The Chairman thanked all for attending, asking if any new faces in attendance. Wishing everyone all the best wishes for the festive season.

Dinner/Lol Cussons Evening;  Fri 6 March 2020 at St Clements WMC and explanation as to the Lol Cussons evening.

Safeguarding; Barry Casterton said various cases in the pipeline awaiting the FA. A case arisen over the weekend. He reiterated the need of RA membership as if the needs arise. You can be represented by the RA, also other benefits on the RA website.

Ban Thaler; RL Official then took the floor and gave a highly entertaining presentation covering his career from starting reffing at the age of 12 to where he is now. Highlighting high/low spots; characters from on/off the pitch; man management skills needed.  He highlighted the need to show respect to players/officials etc  on the way up and also on the way down as you never know when you could fall from grace and require some advice. This was Ben’s third visit to us and still had us all enthralled.    Dave Milburn gave a vote of thanks.

There then followed our Xmas quiz hosted by Jonny Ham, this took the usual rowdy format, this was followed by a buffet and answers.

Thanks were given to all who helped out and participated.


Meeting closed at 9.45