AGM meeting minutes -5 May 2022

Minutes of AGM held on 5th May 2022

at NHS Club with 17 members present.


5 Apols; were received from Mssrs; Bradbury; Casterton; Rhodes; Kay; Smellie.


Chairman opened the AGM remarking first AGM for three years, RA going through difficult times; He feels positive for the future; discussion on the old chestnut, how to get bums on seats.


Mins last AGM, on line. No matters arising.


Reports, Secretary’s and Treasurers reports given and discussed.


V o T to retiring committee. Thanks were given to Paul Ballantyne who was stepping down after 15 years.


Election of Officers; the rest of committee were re elected with M Gibson voted on the committee.

Pres/Sec  I Hotchkies; C/man A Kaye; Treas J Ledgeway; V Chair C Ledgeway; Communications D King; Committee M Gibson; Safeguarding; B Casterton.


There was no permissible business and meeting closed at 8.00


I Hotchkies, Secretary

York RA AGM September 2021

York RA AGM – 2 Sept 2021

Minutes of AGM held on Sept 2nd 2021 at NHS Sports Club with 23 members and guests in attendance.

Apols were received from Mssrs; J Ledgeway; Rhodes; Black; Paul-Gordon; Bradbury (late); Gray; Blakey; Bishop; Bayley; Burke; Smith; Mollov.

The chairman welcomed all, new and older faces saying, glad to be back.
Mins silence was observed members (York and others) who had passed away over the past year.

Presentations were made to the recipients of York FA Senior/Junior Cup mementos from 2019/20/21 who were in attendance by our guest Bobby Madley.

AGM reports were submitted on line, no matters arising and all accepted

Election of Officers; thanks were given to retiring officers with thanks (J Unwin, B Smith). No new names were submitted, rest of committee were re elected.

Meeting closed 7.50pm

September 2020 meeting

Microsoft Teams meeting on 3 Sept 2020


An inaugural online meeting was held to start the new season, rather than our usual venue

The Chairman welcomed members to the event

Conor Ledgeway gave an update on COVID-19 protocols

David King then provided a brief summary of the new Law changes

James Unwin updated us on the local league scene for 2020-21

The presentation used was emailed to all members/referees for them to digest


The formal AGM took place and with no new proposals the existing officers / committee were re-elected (those wishing to stand)

The main change was that Conor Ledgeway is the new Vice Chairman

[see full list on officers/committee page at York RA tab]

Minutes of the 2019 AGM

Minutes of AGM held on 9th May 2019
At NHS Sports & Social Club
With 11 members in attendance

Apols were received from Mssrs; Rich; Bradbury; Thornton; McEvoy; Burke; Butcher; Ballantyne;
Coote;Casterton; Turner; Greenwood.

Mins last AGM, were on line, with no matters arising.

Secretary’s Report, was submitted, with no matters arising.

Chairmans Report, was submitted with no matters arising.

Treasurer’s Report, was submitted. This year they had not been audited. Dave King mentioned that he was nearly up to date with the back balance sheets. Queries were raised regarding; Mentoring monies; RA benevolent Fund.

Vote of Thanks was given to retiring members.

Election of Officers;

President/Secretary, Ian Hotchkies;
Chairman, Alan Kaye;
Vice Chair, Brian Smith;
Treasurer, John Ledgeway;
Ref Development/ Membership, James Unwin;
Communications, Vacant.
Committee; Paul Ballantyne; Conor Ledgeway.
Vacancies that exist can be co-opted as and when required.

Any permissible business, none.
Meeting closed at 8.15.

Minutes from the 2018 AGM

Minutes of AGM held on 3 rd May 2018

With 9 members present at NHS Club, Whitecross Rd.

The Chairman welcomed all to a very depleted meeting, with only 9 members present. Two were not committee members.

Apols were received from Mssrs Thornton; Rich; McEvoy;Luff;P Hartley;Blakey;Burke.

Mins last meeting  were on with no matters arising.

Secretary’s Report was given from memory as a certain committee member who was due to photo copy for the meeting did not attend the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report, was given and discussed

Chairman’s Report in a break from tradition, the chairman gave a report.

Election of Officers;  President; Ian Hotchkies…Chairman; Sam Bayley…V Chair; Jonny Ham…

Secretary; Ian Hotchkies….Treasurer; John Ledgeway…. Supplies; Connor Ledgeway…..Ref Dev/Membership; James Unwin…Communications; Dave King….Welfare; Barry Casterton.

Officers withoutportfolio; Brian Smith; Paul Ballantyne; Anthony Thornton; Matt Butcher; Alan Kaye; John Ledgeway.

NRCRA Dels  David King….Auditor  Ron Price

There being no permissible business meeting closed at 8.02

Minutes of the 2017 AGM (4 May 2017)

Minutes of AGM held 4th May 2017

At NHS Sports Club with 17 members present

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting

Apologies were received from A McEvoy and D Milburn

Mins of last AGM with no matters arising

Secretary’s Report was given.

Treasurers Report was verbal due to accounts being behind due to stock lists. Bank balances very   healthy. Ideas discussed regarding possibility of using some of the monies

Rules of Y C & D RA a new set of rules have been drawn up, in keeping with present times. These were discussed and a honorarium awarded to the Referee Development Officer in line with the Treasurer and Secretary.   These were passed.

Election of Officers;

President; Ian Hotchkies
Chairman; Sam Bayley
Vice Chair; Jonny Ham
Secretary; Ian Hotchkies
Treasurer; John Ledgeway
Ref Development; James Unwin
Membership; James Unwin
Supplies; Brandon Bishop
Communications; David King
Officers without Portfolio; Brian Smith; Conor Ledgeway; Paul Ballantyne; Anthony Thornton; Matt Butcher.

NRCRA Delegates; D King; I Hotchkies
Auditor; R Price
York FA Reps; D King; G Bradbury.

There being no permissible business meeting closed at 8.10

Ian Hotchkies


Proposed Rule Changes to the May 2017 AGM

All members of the RA get voting rights at the AGM. This year, as well as electing your committee members, we’d like you to help us vote on some changes to our Association Rules. The Rules govern how we operate and how your Committee take decisions on behalf of the membership.
The proposed rule changes look to provide a forward looking, successful RA and also clarify the position of the Association as a charity, as well as the responsibility of the committee members as its Trustees.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Thursday 5 May 2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held on 5 May 2016
at York NHS Social Club with 15 members present.

In the absence of the Chairman the President opened the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; J Ledgeway; B Bishop; G Bradbury; A McEvoy; A Godson; M Butcher.

Minutes of the last AGM were accepted with no matters arising

Secretary’s Report was read with no matters arising.

Treasurers Report – due to time constraints this was not available. Dave King gave a verbal report saying we are in a good situation, and that accounts would be made available to members at the September meeting.

Election of Officers 2016/7

President: Ian Hotchkies
Chairman: Sam Bayley
Vice Chair: Jonny Ham
Secretary: Ian Hotchkies
Treasurer: John Ledgeway
Training Officer: David King
Membership Secretary: James Unwin
Supplies Officer: Brandon Bishop
Ex Officio (Immediate Past Chairman): John Ledgeway

Committee Members
Conor Ledgeway
Anthony Thornton
Paul Ballantyne
Joe Ballantyne
Elliot Shiers
Brian Smith
Dave Milburn

Additional Roles
County RA Reps: Ian Hotchkies & David King
Auditor: Ron Price
FA Reps: David King & Graham Bradbury

There being no permissible business, the meeting closed at 8.00

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 7 May 2015

Minutes of AGM held on 7th May 2015
at NHS Club, with 11 members present.

This was lowest attendance in the minutes which go back to 1964.

The chairman opened the AGM by saying that the CFA were holding a promotions seminar along with the local FA finals .

Apologies were received from Mssrs; C Ledgeway; Unwin; G Hartley; Smith; Luff; McEvoy; P Ballantyne; Ham; Bishop; Suchecki; Godson; Allanby; Shiers; and Greenway.

Mins last AGM were read, no matters arising.

Secretary’s Report, was given no matters arising.

Treasurers Report, Dave King gave a report saying we were in a healthy position.

Election of Officers, committee was elected as follows;

President/Secretary.. Ian Hotchkies; Chairman/Treasurer.. John Ledgeway; V/Chair.. P Ballantyne; Training Officer..David King; Membership Secretary.. Sam Bayley; Supplies..Brandon Bishop. Committee; Geoff Hartley; Brian Smith; Dave Milburn; Jonny Ham; James Unwin; Conor Ledgeway; Jan Suchecki. Ex Officio.. Tony Thornton. CRA Reps; I Hotchkies; D King. Auditor; Ron Price

There being no permissible business the meeting closed at 7.59.

Ian Hotchkies