NRCFA County Cup Finals 2014

The match officials for the 2014 North Riding County Cup Finals have now been announced.

Congratulations to all members who were awarded a game.

Senior Cup

Referee: – Mr S Campbell
Assistant Referee: – Mr M Gillespie
Assistant Referee: – Mr B Stones
Reserve Referee: – Mr I Patton

Saturday County Cup – Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Referee: – Mr O O’Brien
Assistant Referee: – Mr B Naylor
Assistant Referee: – Mr K Howe
Reserve Referee – Mr J Wood

Sunday County Cup – Thursday, 10 April 2014

Referee: – Mr M Cottingham
Assistant Referee: – Mr S Bayley
Assistant Referee: – Mr E Shiers
Reserve Referee: – Mr B Bishop

Saturday Challenge Cup – Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Referee: – Mr C Keightley
Assistant Referee: – Mr C Newton
Assistant Referee: – Mr D McCarrick
Reserve Referee: – Mr C Rushton

Sunday Challenge Cup – Thursday, 24 April 2014

Referee: – Mr J Ham
Assistant Referee: – Mr K Beckett
Assistant Referee: – Mr G Ellwood
Reserve Referee: – Mr D Holmes

Ladies Cup Final – Sunday, 27 April 2014

Referee: – Ms L Murphy
Assistant Referee: – Mr L Thurlow
Assistant Referee: – Ms J Shuker
4th Official: – Mr T Readman

Under 18 Cup Final – Thursday, 3 April 2014

Referee: – Mr A Linley
Assistant Referee: – Mr P Bunton
Assistant Referee – Mr D O’ Leary
4th Official: – Mr J Fewster

Under 11’s – Saturday, 3 May 2014

Referee: – Mr W Turnbull
Assistant Referee: – Mr A Pearson
Assistant Referee: – Mr M Ghafoor

Under 12’s – Saturday, 3 May 2014

Referee: – Mr T Marshall
Assistant Referee: – Mr G Roberts
Assistant Referee: – Mr J Fewster

Under 13’s – Thursday, 1 May 2014

Referee: – Mr S Mortimer
Assistant Referee: – Mr S Milner
Assistant Referee: – Mr G Edwards

Under 14’s – Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Referee: – Mr I Royle
Assistant Referee: – Mr M Ghafoor
Assistant Referee: – Mr G Lewis

Under 15’s – Thursday, 1 May 2014

Referee: – Mr K Morrison
Assistant Referee: – Mr E May
Assistant Referee: – Mr G Broughton

Under 16’s – Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Referee: – Mr J Stephenson
Assistant Referee: – Mr J Gill
Assistant Referee: – Mr A Welsh

Under 14’s Girls

Referee: – Mr M Hobson
Assistant Referee: – Mr A Dakin
Assistant Referee: – Mr C Weller

Under 16’s Girls

Referee: – Ms J Shuker
Assistant Referee: – Ms A Humphrys
Assistant Referee: – Mr A Hudson

FA Cup Final Officials Appointed

Andre Marriner is to referee the Cup Final at Wembley on 11 May 2013.

The FA has confirmed that Andre Marriner will take charge of The 2013 FA Cup  Final between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic next month.
The fixture  will complete a hat-trick of Wembley Stadium refereeing appearances for the  42-year-old, who has previously taken charge of the 2010 Community Shield  between Manchester United and Chelsea and Cardiff City v Blackpool in the  Championship Play-Off fixture earlier that year.
Marriner was also  fourth official for the 2011 FA Cup Final, which saw Manchester City beat Stoke  City 1-0.

Speaking about the appointment, the Birmingham FA official  said: “It’s a great honour to be asked to referee the 2013 FA Cup Final,  especially as it coincides with the 150th anniversary of The Football  Association.
“To be involved in The FA Cup Final is ultimately every  schoolboy’s dream and, as an occasion, they don’t come much bigger.
“I’ll  approach The Final as I would any other fixture but obviously the whole event is  on a completely different scale as it is the biggest club game in world  football.”

Joining Marriner’s team of match officials on the day will be  Assistant Referees Stephen Child (London FA)‬ and Simon Long (Cornwall FA)‬ while Anthony Taylor (Cheshire FA)‬ is the Fourth Official. Gary Beswick (Durham  FA) will be the Reserve Assistant Referee.

Marriner, who is celebrating  his 21st anniversary as an affiliated referee this year, added: “The FA Cup is  revered around the world because of the importance and history of the  competition.”

The Chairman of The FA’s Referees Committee David Elleray  commented: “We had no hesitation in appointing Andre Marriner, Stephen Child,  Simon Long, Anthony Taylor and Gary Beswick to take control of the 2013 FA Cup  Final between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic.
“All five officials  have shown excellent form for several seasons and have a great deal of  experience in important matches.
“Four of the team were involved in the  last round of FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualification matches.‬ ‪
“Andre has a  long and impressive record of officiating successfully in high profile matches  in the Premier League, FA Cup and for UEFA and FIFA.
“He reaches the  pinnacle of his domestic career with a wealth of experience which makes him an  excellent choice for this FA Cup Final in The FA’s 150th anniversary year.‬”

West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League

[Footnote: York Referees’ Academy will remember that Gary Beswick was a speaker at one of our meetings in the past.]




York FA Cup Final Referee Appointments

We are delighted to announce the following initial appointments to the York & District FA Cup Finals 2013. Congratulations to all who have received a cup final appointment.

Please note: alterations due to non-acceptance of these appointments will not be published here; details are correct of 26 March 2013.

Saturday Senior Cup

Saturday 4 May, 14:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: P. Cook
Assistant Referees: N. Hawksby & J. Sucheki
4th Official: D. Milburn

Saturday Junior Cup

Saturday 27 April, 14:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: J. Ham
Assistant Referees: B. Bishop & G. Boothman
4th Official: N. Stobert

Sunday Senior Cup

Sunday 28 April, 10:30ko, Wigginton
Referee: L. Howard
Assistant Referees: A. McAvoy & M. Butcher
4th Official: C. Cussans

Sunday Junior Cup

Sunday 28 April, 13:30ko, Wigginton
Referee: S. Bayley
Assistant Referees: E. Shiers, P. Burnitt
4th Official: S. Trimble

Under 19’s Cup

Sunday 21 April, 13:30ko, Tockwith
Referee: J. Unwin
Assistant Referees: J. Ballantyne & G. Hartley
4th Official: C. Simpson

Under 16’s Cup

Monday 6 May, 14:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: B. Stuart
Assistant Referees: A. Humphrys & C. Tune
4th Official: P. Hartley

Under 15’s Cup

Monday 6 May, 12:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: J. Unwin
Assistant Referees: M. Ellwood & A. Reeds
4th Official: R. Eyres

Under 14’s Cup

Wednesday 1 May, 19:30ko, York City FC
Referee: L. Smith
Assistant Referees: J. Hewitt & M. Copley
4th Official: C. Collins

Under 13’s Cup

Wednesday 1 May, 12:00ko, York City FC
Referee: D. Milburn
Assistant Referees: R. Simpson & B. Bishop
4th Official: A. McAvoy

Under 12’s Cup

Sunday 21 April, 11:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: C. Andrews
Assistant Referees: S. Fenwick & G. Petruso
4th Official: S. Hewitt

Under 11’s Cup

Monday 6 May, 10:30ko, Tockwith
Referee: A. Humphrys
Assistant Referees: J. Blades & W. Ravenhall
4th Official: C. Ledgeway

NRCFA Cup Finals

Cup Final

Congratulations to Jan Suchecki and Jonny Ham (Referees), Ben Ballantyne, Matthew Cottingham, Glynn Ellwood, Brandon Bishop, Sam Bayley, James Hewitt and Elliott Shiers (Assistant Referees); they have all been appointed to NRCFA Cup Finals (52 appointments in total across 15 finals).