AGM meeting minutes -5 May 2022

Minutes of AGM held on 5th May 2022

at NHS Club with 17 members present.


5 Apols; were received from Mssrs; Bradbury; Casterton; Rhodes; Kay; Smellie.


Chairman opened the AGM remarking first AGM for three years, RA going through difficult times; He feels positive for the future; discussion on the old chestnut, how to get bums on seats.


Mins last AGM, on line. No matters arising.


Reports, Secretary’s and Treasurers reports given and discussed.


V o T to retiring committee. Thanks were given to Paul Ballantyne who was stepping down after 15 years.


Election of Officers; the rest of committee were re elected with M Gibson voted on the committee.

Pres/Sec  I Hotchkies; C/man A Kaye; Treas J Ledgeway; V Chair C Ledgeway; Communications D King; Committee M Gibson; Safeguarding; B Casterton.


There was no permissible business and meeting closed at 8.00


I Hotchkies, Secretary

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