Meeting minutes 7 April 2022

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Club,

On 7th April 22 with 19 members and guest attending

10 Apols; were received from Mssrs; Rich; Kay; Unwin; King; Gordon; McEvoy; Berry; Ballantyne; Rhodes; Cottingham.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. He related an incident he had spotted when observing, which had went unnoticed.  This produced an in depth discussion raising various views. He had reported the incident to the FA who would handle the matter.

Safeguarding; Barry Casterton gave on update of the local transgressions.  There were 4 cases involving local refs (all young). These cover various scenarios/discipline/law/dissent.

Our guest Ian Dunn. Ex York City; Huddersfield player then gave a talk regarding his career from local youth to professional level. He started of playing in York Minor league progressing upwards, mentioning Colin Sanderson as a mentor in his younger days. He talked about managers/players/incidents over the years. He also joined in with discussions on refereeing.

J Ledgeway gave a vote of thanks.

The chairman reminded all of the dinner that is fast approaching (20 May). Menus available on line/ committee.

Meeting closed at a late 9.50


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