February meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 3rd Feb 22

At NHS Club

With 18 members and guests in attendance.

Apols were received from Mssrs; McEvoy; Smith; Milburn; Blakey; White; Paul; Kaye ; Unwin; Cottingham.

Chairman’s Opening Remarks; He welcomed all to the meeting , with apols regarding the cancellation of last meeting due to COVID.

He welcomed our guest Andy Leaning, also Chris Jones who acted as minder [Andy was a guest back in November 2007 when he was coach at Sheff Utd]

Details of York RA dinner; 20th May; Marriott; £25 per head; Menus will go online; Madley Bros are guests (hopefully).

Safeguarding; B Casterton;  Discipline running high but easing off. FA looking to increase penalties as have not been altered for many years. If struggling with reports or problems (mental health issues) contact CFA for advice. These issues affect from FA downwards. When you go home after tonight (not after 11pm time) give someone a ring and have a chat. Scarborough teams struggling with numbers.

Touchline Problems; Vlad Mollov gave a report on an incident from the touchline he encountered at a match at Knaresborough. He told how he handled it, discussions from the floor regarding various views as when/how/where to act; observers report. The floor felt Vlad did well. Our guest Andy said we did have to put up with a lot.

Andy Leaning our guest ex-York City (and a few more) goalkeeper then gave a very entertaining talk/ discussion on his career. Mentioning incidents/ players/ referees/ managers/ some local that he had encountered over the years. Some serious some comical. There was a Q&A session covering various subjects, past keepers/budgets/skills. Over all it was a very entertaining evening

John Ledgeway gave a vote of thanks and there being no more business

The next meeting will be 3 March with Sean Hudson FL assistant our guest

Meeting closed 9.30pm

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