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Happy New Year….

…..Jan 2022 Meeting Cancelled!


Dear Friends.

Firstly, a Happy New Year to you and your families and I hope you have enjoyed a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

No doubt many of you will be waking up this cold winter’s morning, dragging yourself out of bed early to get back into the routine of work or school, maybe some of you, like me will just pull the covers over and take advantage of another hour in bed!

We all look forward to getting back into action upon the football field, whether it be as a Match Official, Observer, Mentor or simply a supporter of all things Refereeing, however the awful pandemic which has blighted our game somewhat over the past 2 years is still with us.

It is obvious that the vaccine is saving many people from suffering too much and is keeping us out of hospital, however, the virus is still spreading wickedly and causing many of us to isolate in order to preserve our health and protect others.

Our next meeting of the York RA is scheduled for this coming Thursday (6th January 2022).

Our guest speaker has been well publicised as the Countries most prominent female Referee and FIFA International Referee Rebecca Welch.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control (COVID), Rebecca is unable to attend our meeting.

We have therefore held an ‘emergency’ Committee Meeting and decided that, in the Best Interests of you all, the meeting this Thursday will have to be cancelled.

Whilst we could perhaps continue with a meeting, we feel that at this time, with COVID still rife, we could not guarantee your safety and thus, the decision to cancel has been taken.

Rebecca has assured us that she will visit us ‘live’ in the future, when it is safe to do so and that is certainly something to look forward to.

Looking ahead, our plans are to continue with Monthly Members Meetings as we feel that the COVID situation will improve but we are mindful to take account of any possible future Government advice and restrictions.

So, looking ahead, our next meeting is scheduled to go ahead on Thursday 3rd February 2022 with the usual 7.30pm start at the York Hospital Club. Confirmation of this meeting and further details will be sent to you individually and will be posted upon the York RA Website ( in due course, but we are looking at enticing a prominent Guest Speaker to entertain and educate us on the ‘art of lining,’ a topical subject as many appointments will soon be forthcoming in the role of ‘Assistant Referee.’

For now, can I wish you all much good health and success in the coming months and as always, should you have any concerns, queries or indeed ideas for future RA Meetings then I or any member of our Committee would only be too pleased to hear from you.

My Best Wishes


Alan Kaye

Chairman, York RA

07789 005327

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