October 21 meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Club

on 7th Oct 2021, with 27 members and guests

Apols were received from Mssrs  B Smith; M Burke; A Luff; P Hartley & Ms S Wood.

The chairman welcomed all old and new to the meeting.

Prior to a minutes silence for Peter Gibson; x player/ York league and FA sec. Our president said a few words on Peters career.

The Chairman then gave his thoughts for the future  and asked the floor for their thoughts and ideas. Various ideas ranging from; cost of courses (which FA set); speakers; content of meetings; sin bins; abuse from players/officials; lack of officials; reporting  and also give a good report when one feels teams/clubs earn one.

Sam Bayley gave a report on an incident on a recent match he was involved in as an AR. this was discussed.

Barry Casterton said misconduct was on the increase( not just in York but nationwide). This involved not just players but spectators/ managers.  All incidents require to be reported.

Our treasurer was in possession of new card reader, so subs can be paid at meeting. £20 with first year/youth refs varying in costs.

Our guest for the evening Carl Boyeson then gave a presentation. He said he had a bit of an affinity with York. He says he has been there/done that/has the tee shirt as been on the list since 2002; 20th on FL; reffed 623 matches and visited all but 2 grounds in his career. He showed numerous clips of incidents on matches which were open for discussion. He also discussed his experiences; diet regime and said every match now a days was a bonus.

Paul Ballantyne gave a vote of thanks.

Future meetings;   Nov 4th  Lewis Dawson;   Dec 2nd  Xmas Quiz and buffet;  Jan 6th Rebecca Welsh;

Dinner  20th May  guests  Andy and Bobby Madley

Meeting closed at 10.10

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