November 21 meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 4th Nov 21

At NHS Club with 21 members and guests attending

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting mentioning the contingent from Barkston Ash RA who were in attendance.

He mentioned Garreth Rhodes who was due to officiate in the FA f1rst round this coming weekend. Also Dave Milburn who officiated in the RL 1895 recently.

Apols were received from Mssrs; B Smith; Casterton; Thornton; White; Haye; Bellis; Bishop; M Smith; M Cottingham; Unwin; Bayley.

Ian Hotchkies was presented with a 50 year award from the Chairman on behalf of the FA…….WELL DESERVED

Problem Corner; was discussion on the zoom presentation from CFA regarding unacceptable behavior. Methods to avoid/placate/punish were discussed.

Our guest Lewis Dawson (level 3 ex young ref of the year) then gave a presentation Being Respected-Not Liked; Getting the balance right.

Touching on topics;  Respect Decisions;  how do you get respect; Characteristics; laid back approach. There was an interactive approach with the aid of film clips, touching on common mistakes; social aspects; tactile; followed with a Q& A.

Conor  Ledgeway gave a VoT.

Next Meeting Dec 2

Comm 24 Nov

Meeting Closed at 9.25

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