September 2021 Meeting

York RA Meeting – 2 Sept 2021

Held at NHS Sports Club with 23 members and guests in attendance.

Apols were received from Mssrs; J Ledgeway; Rhodes; Black; Paul-Gordon; Bradbury (late); Gray; Blakey; Bishop; Bayley; Burke; Smith; Mollov


Our guest for the evening Bobby Madley was introduced and gave a presentation entitled ” What makes a good ref; do we expect too much)

He said he felt that the highlight of his career was reffing the WRFA Cup Final in front of all his own colleagues

When a young player he was a profilic goalscorer (Ossett Town), with 91 goals one season

He then switched to reffing saying that good refs will know LOAF and keep them updated

He then interacted with 14 year old Myles Smith and his father discussing ; social media and setbacks; an X factor sketch with two members singing, expect the unexpected

He gave a brief outline of his career. He stated that grassroots is the mainstay of football; think of Saturday/ Sundays in all weathers

There then followed a Q and A session

J Unwin gave a V o T
Meeting closed at 9.20pm

(DoNM is Thursday 7 October 2021)

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