York RA Meeting minutes – 14 January 2021

York RA Online meeting – 14 January 2021

With 21 members and guests attending.


Register of attendees;  R Joyce; A Kaye; D King; J & C Ledgeway; P Ballantyne; I Hotchkies; G Mann; S Jackson; A Rose; H Oaten; R Rich; M Ellis; V Mollov; T Shepherdson; T Sparrow; M Cottingham; J Black; J Logue; S Lewis; A McEvoy; S Nelson.

Apols were received from Mssrs; D Holmes; B Casterton; J Unwin; S Bayley.


 The Chairman; Alan Kaye welcomed all to the meeting, he outlined plans for the forthcoming months and troubles that have occurred over the past months. Wished BC speedy recovery.

Dave King, then gave an update on the national RA with their zoom sessions and forthcoming presentations. ie this Sunday 17th Jan a RA/FA Virtual Summit covering various speakers (including Liam Slack) ex York RA speaker. York RA web is updated regularly / regular newsletter.

John Ledgeway, membership stands at 30 odd. £15 (£12 to RA covering insurance). York RA have decided that any person renewing membership from now until the end of the RA year at Aug can now pay £10 / £6 U18 and reductions for new referees

Ross Joyce, CFA Development Manager then gave an update of the plans for future, to keep us all occupied. Various modules; Remote Learning; Zoom presentations with guests (8 Feb next date); topic for young and older refs. Social Media (#NRCFARefDev).

Also looking to develop a Match Officials Consultation Group.

Stressed need for referees to keep up to date with Safeguarding (online) and DBS

Q&A, curtailing of the season; pressure on refs.

The chairman gave a vote of thanks.

AoB;  discussion on ; new venue; Sept start for the season; membership; reminder for RA zoom presentation.

Meeting closed 8.25

A quick committee meeting followed; comm meeting 25th Feb;  4th March meeting.

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