Jan 2020 meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 9th Jan 2020 at

NHS Club, with 17 members attending


The chairman welcomed all and wished all New Years Greetings.

Apols  were received from Mssrs; McEvoy; Casterton; Black; Thornton; Cottingham; Unwin; G &P Hartley.

Minutes of Last meeting were on line, no matters arising.

Lol Cussons Award and Annual Dinner. On 6th March and 22nd May respectively. Names required for both.

Correspondence;  details regarding a young ref in Stockport having problems (Committee will be discussing).

A.o.B. New Stadium safety certificate, events in hand but lack of info from top level.  Changes to Supply League Status, only one between York, West  Riding and Humber to remain.  CFA trialing a system where young refs go out with PGMOL observers on matchdays.

Andy Madley  , congratulations were given on his elevation to FIFA ranks. He then gave a presentation entitled My Week; Match Day Routine.   Starting with Monday 4pm; appointments—Travel arrangements—Match evaluation reports—Meal plan—Travel—The match—Game recovery—Review.   All were discussed and interacted on.  There was a discussion on the marking system with over 400 decisions to query.   Other points discussed were; use computer for info on teams/ venues etc as all helps the smooth running; Player management; FIFA outlook for the future.

Conor Ledgeway gave a VoT for a very interesting and informative talk.

Was a pity that newer refs were not in attendance.


Meeting closed at 9.30

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