Meeting minutes 3 Oct 2019

York RA October Monthly Meeting

held at York Hospital Social Club on 3rd October 2019


The chairman welcomed all to the meeting then asked members to stand and observe a moments silence for ex member Keith Hatfield who had passed away recently. He welcomed new member James Black

Apols (10 no) were received from Messrs; Ham; Burke; Rhodes; Milburn; G Hartley; Cottingham; Bayley; Sheirs; A Kaye; Greenwood


22 May, Marriott, menu agreed, price to be set, but will probably same as last year.

Reading RA; driving a charity fundraising weekend in memory of a member, who had passed away . We agreed to donate £25.00

Membership stood at 25. Details of insurance and benefits are on website

Weather conditions, with winter approaching, always take heed of weather conditions

Sinbins; B Smith described incidents during an U18 schools match he was involved in. Overall responses are good with managers accepting more than players

Arm Bands

for U18s. RA to get some from CFA to issue to all our members in York area and make uniform, as each CFA have different methods of identifying the junior refs.

Our guest Andy Halliday MBE split his evening into two sessions;

First he gave a resume on his career – “From Nowhere to Somewhere”. He started reffing when realised he was not very good on the playing side. Learned to ref through PT in the Army in 1994, moved to Wales in 1997 (learned Welsh swear words) then Harrogate 1998 ( W Yorks League) back to Scotland 2000, to start at the bottom again. Worked his way back up the latter again. Return to England 2003 then to conference and Prem League (13 seasons) with FA cup final (2015), UEFA appointments and EFL Final (2019).

He then told of some incidents and person he had encountered throughout. He stressed that when you get knocked back try again, harder

He then went on to discuss the VAR system. This was with the aid of clips and actual commentary between VAR HQ and ref insitu. This was very interesting. As stated it is still developing and improving all the time

James Unwin gave a VoT

There being no more business meeting closed at a late 9.55

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