Law Amendments 2019-20

IFAB has published the new Laws for 2019-20 which came into effect on 1 June 2019

These can be summarised:

  • the introduction of yellow and red cards for misconduct by team officials
  • a player being substituted having to leave the field of play at the nearest point on the boundary line
  • at a goal kick and a free kick for the defending team in their own penalty area, the ball is in play once it is kicked, i.e. it does not have to leave the penalty area
  • clearer wording for ‘handball’
  • attacking team players must be at least 1m away from a ‘defensive wall’
  • the goalkeeper only has to have one foot on the goal line at a penalty kick
  • a new dropped ball procedure

Hopefully the coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup has given you a feel for some of the changes

Details can be found at the IFAB website

They have also produced an App which can be downloaded here

This is an invaluable tool for all referees….you will find it useful and available on the go

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