Minutes of the 9 May 2019 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 9th May 19 after AGM
At NHS Club with 11 members in attendance.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; Rich; Bradbury; Thornton; McEvoy; Burke; Butcher; Ballantyne; Coote; Casterton; Turner; Greenwood
Mins of last meeting, were on line, no matters arising.
Correspondence, two letters from senior members had been read to the committee prior to the meeting . The incoming chairman said he would contact both in regard to the contents of the letters.
A letter to be sent to Ross Joyce re his FA Vase middle appointment.
Dinner, final arrangements were made, 42 attending.
A.O.B. there was discussions on; meeting venue; speakers; sin bins; Barkston Ash RA; promotions locally.
Meeting closed at 8.45.

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