Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – Friday 10 May 2019

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend
PREMIER LEAGUE appointments for Sunday 12th May 2019
TWO ASSISTANT REFEREES retired from EPL last week
REFEREE DECEIVED : Player gets 2-match ban
VAR under fire in GERMANY
MLS Week 9 : Inside Video Review with Greg Barkey
‘OFFICIATING ERROR’ acknowledged by PRO in an MLS game
LAWS OF THE GAME : Quiz Weeks 27 & 28
UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE have a great chance to develop
RANDY VOGT : What leagues want from their refs
KICK-OFF DELAYED in FIFA U17 game as Match Officials’ vehicle took wrong turning
REFEREE BANNED 154 days, fined £55, for failing to report yellow cards
10-YEAR BAN FOR FORMER REFEREE who invaded pitch in Mexican wrestling mask
THREE-MATCH BAN for player for a ‘light slap’ to the referee’s arm
REFEREE INSTRUCTIONS before a drop ball in penalty area
THE RA DEVELOPMENT WEEKEND – Saturday/Sunday 6/7th July

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