Minutes of the 7 March 2019 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Sports & Social Club
on 7 March 2019

Apols; Mssrs  A McEvoy; D King; A Thornton; A Dennison; J Ham

Jon Moss  PGMOL  official asked for an early start, as he had been at Maidstone the night previous. He took the floor first. He hosted an interactive presentation entitled Managing the game. He covered many subjects including VAR; a bomb scare; 4 penalties in one match; Alex Ferguson; Chelsea G/K refusing to be subbed; Teamwork; Getting the big decisions right. Respect and others. This was followed by a Q&A session. After approx 90 minutes he called a close.

Brian Smith gave a VoT for a thoroughly enjoyable presentation.

Problem Corner;  Brian Smith raised the question, how to deal with a player who, when you have stopped play to have words with the player he (possible caution)  bends down pretending socks/boots require attention. Various thought were given.  Colin Coote mentioned  an item from the last meeting theme regarding  a goalkeeper  being penalised (sending off) for handball from a backpass that was heading goal ward. This was clarified in discussion.

Names  were Required  for FA Cup  Final tickets, Dinner, as AGM coming shortly, names for committee.

A O B, Graham Bradbury expressed his displeasure over a committee decision which was explained by the Chair.

Meeting closed at 9.40

Ian Hotchkies

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