Videos and Articles from Mal Davies – 29 March 2019

PREMIER LEAGUE appointments for Saturday 30th to Wednesday 3rd April 2019

PREMIER SKILLS : Senior coach Paul Taylor travels to Mumbai as part of the PL’s Premier Skills programme
LAWS OF THE GAME : Quiz Week 22
INSTANT REPLAY : Incidents in MLS discussed with Bobby Warshaw
GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP displayed by Galatasaray youngster
REFEREE escaped in a police car disguised as an ambulance man
REFEREE TRAINING : How to control a game —- or how not to!!
BE A REFEREE : From the low-leagues to the Premier League (BT film – use slider to return to start of an excellent film)
BLACK, ASIAN and MINORITY ETHIC (BAME) : A call for more referees from BAME background in football
AR has boiling water thrown at her
EVE OF FINAL RALLY – Friday 17th May
THE RA DEVELOPMENT WEEKEND – Saturday/Sunday 6/7th July
JERSEY : Referees strike this Saturday over continued poor behaviour
TOGO : FIFA bans referee for life for accepting bribes

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