Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – Fri 9 February 2019

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend
PREMIER LEAGUE appointments for Saturday 9th to Monday 11th February 2019
CHANGE IN HANDBALL LAW : The Law could be set for huge change following Premier League stance
MIKE DEAN is on 99 red cards, so watch out ManCity and Chelsea
A-LEAGUE : Refereeing and VAR decisions explained by Ben Wilson, FFA Director of Referees

LAWS OF THE GAME : Quiz Week 15
BALL BOY hangs onto the ball – player receives yellow card
FIRST TRANS GENDER REFEREE speaks about her first season as a referee
PAUL REJER : Discusses ‘DOGSO – Law change’
UEFA : Referees primed for spring duty
UEFA : World cup referee Peter Mikkelsen has passed away, age 58
FIFA : Women’s referee course under way in Doha
UKRAINE FIFA AR SUFFERS STROKE before game – has spent 3 months in Greek hospital
IRELAND : Term limits introduced and more protection for referees
ITALY : Four match ban for pushing referee
SCOTLAND : Referee poleaxed in brutal clash of heads, and is substituted

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