Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – Fri 1 February 2019

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from mid-week games 29/30th January
PREMIER LEAGUE appointments for Saturday 2nd to Wednesday 6th February 2019
BOBBY MADLEY referees in Norwegian 6th tier, a ‘fall from grace’
KEITH HACKETT : A major One on One interview by Martin Cowgill
A-LEAGUE : Refereeing and VAR decisions explained by Ben Wilson, FFA Director of Referees
SIMULATION : The FA’s rules have failed to clamp down on cheating/diving – something needs to change
LAWS OF THE GAME : Quiz Week 14
UEFA : Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018 : 2 (this is the second RAP; the first one was in this V&A on 21st December 2018; many favourable comments by referees and instructors worldwide at the foot of the link)
PAUL REJER : Discusses ‘Offside – interfering with an opponent dialogue’
MATCH OF THEIR DAY : The referee sent off Jimmy Greaves for dissent…..and the coins started flying
FIFA : Life ban for the ‘most corrupt referee the game of football has seen’
UEFA : Officials chosen for Champions League to attend seminar
UEFA : Advanced course for top men and women referees (Winter 2019)
TWO YELLOW CARDS : good clip for your discussion
KENYA : Referees are owed ‘huge sums of money’
USA : Twenty-four referees named to 2019 FIFA panel

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