Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – Friday 30 November 2018

INTERNATIONAL FA BOARD : Fine tuning to the Laws of the Game recommended by the IFAB’s ABM
DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend
PREMIER LEAGUE : Appointments MatchWeek 14 : Friday 30th November to Wednesday 5th December 2018
PETER WALTON : Premier League referees have toughest job in the world
BOBBY MADLEY : Life is now very different after the Premier League sacked him last August
REF CHAOS at Millwall v Bolton (1-1) after two referees injured
LAWS OF THE GAME : Quiz Week 9
FORTY-YEAR BANS for players who assaulted referee
BAN FOR LIFE players who assault a referee
PAUL REJER : Discusses ‘Advantage’
VAR : What referees hear and say during a VAR decision
RAINBOW LACES : Referee outed in Zimbabwe referees in London
FIFA : Update to referees’ list for the Club World Cup UAE 2018
RED CARDS that are impossible to forget
MEXICO : Referee ends strike over racism
YEMEN : Only in Yemen does the referee use a RIFLE instead of a whistle

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