Minutes of the 4 October 2018 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Sports & Social Club on 4th Oct 18
With 23 members and guests in attendance.

A moments silence was observed for ex-committee member and chair chairman John McCarthy.
Apologies were received from Mssrs Milburn; Smith; Andy Kaye; Butcher; Blakey; Shiers; McEvoy;
Thornton and Bradbury.
Dinner was set for Friday 17th May. This was due to Cup Final being played next day. Menus and
prices TBA.
Membership was now due. Be aware you are not covered by RA insurances.
Liam Slack our guest and sports psychologist gave an outline of his career after his footballing
career hit the buffers at an early age being released as not good enough. Went to St Johns and got a
PHd in sports psychology. Is very passionate about his topic and now covers from premiere down to
national north/south. Discussed a few topics then had a group discussion. Main things to look for
are Think-Feel-Act; Mental toughness; Strength. Also touched on VAR.
Also had talks with Rugby and Cricket.

There being no more business meeting closed at 9.25
Ian Hotchkies

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