Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – Fri 20 April 2018

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend
PREMIER LEAGUE appointments Week 35, and those for the FA Cup semi-finals
Big screens at Wembley for VAR in FA Cup semi-finals
PREMIER LEAGUE agree to continue testing VAR…..
…..but Arsene Wenger believes we are behind the rest of the world
VAR chaos in Germany – good article plus video with German commentary
VAR has made 16-18 errors this season in Italy’s Serie A
BEAR NECESSITY?  Start of a Russian 3rd Division game with bear’s entrance one minute into video
Referee Michael Oliver not to blame for Juventus exit from Champions League
How to become a referee
The life of a female referee
UEFA League Final 2018 and semi-final appointments
PAUL REJER : Play of the Week7 – discusses Handball, Fouls and Misconduct, and dropped ball
DANNY MURPHY : Isn’t it time to broaden the scope of panels? (talking to Alex Griffiths)
FAN GUIDE to refereeing – part 2 – handling, offside and advantage
DENNIS WISE has new respect for referees after trial match
SOUTH AFRICA : Youngest SAFA referee aiming to be the best

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