Minutes of the 1 February 2018 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st Feb 2018
At NHS Sports Club

With 21 members and guests in attendance

The chairman welcomed all.

Apols were received from Mssrs McEvoy; Milburn; Blakey; J Ledgeway; Shiers; Bradbury.

Dinner/ Lol Cussons evenings, names, menu selections, monies were now being taken

Welfare Officer, Barry Casterton had agreed to take this position. David King the CRA position.

Problem Corner, there was on incident in recent Liverpool match regarding homophobic remarks.
This was discussed also refs actions.

Ross Joyce RDO of NRCFA then gave a very interesting presentation regarding misconduct. This
covered the whole game system, benefits of/ setting out and reporting. Viewing match incidents,
with group discussions on mock reports with review and feedback. New guidelines were highlighted
regarding offences against match officials, ie, failure to control players. (Even at grass roots level)

A.o.B none
Meeting closed at 9.30

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