RA – Important Information regarding FA Charges

We hope you are enjoying your season and this message contains IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding FA Charges.

This Season has seen a significant number of disciplinary cases referred to The RA by members who have been charged with FA Rule E3 offences. It has been of considerable concern to The RA that most have got to the appeal stage before we know about them as that ties the hands of the Appeal Board because they cannot re-hear the case; merely judging the outcome on the appeal criteria.

This is guidance to you, LRAs and CRAs that, if charged, referees should ALWAYS ask for a personal hearing as they are better able to present their case that way.

Far too often do we see cases being dealt with by correspondence where the balance of probability has come down AGAINST the referee, no matter his/her standing or experience.

Tackling this issue at the initial stage will save hours of volunteer time going through the paperwork, unnecessary worry and disappointment and giving out guidance on ‘what to do now after the horse has bolted‘ rather than being able to offer far better advice from the outset.

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Case studies

1) Unsanctioned football

2) Racist remarks (implied)

3) Remarks of a sexual nature

4) Abusive language to minority groups

5) Urinating in a hedge (by a pitch)

If you are charged

Please contact us immediately, contact@the-ra.org

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