Minutes of the 2 November 2017 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at
NHS Sports & Social Club
With 20 members and guests attending.

Chairman welcomed all and made a prompt start as the presentation was due to last 90 mins.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; McEvoy; Thornton; Blakey; Kaye; Wadsworth; Unwin; Butcher; Bishop.

Mins last meeting;  on line; no matters arising.

Details were given regarding Dinner; Subs Due; York RA shirts.

Mark Haywood  RDO West Riding CFA, our guest then gave a CFA presentation entitled “ Managing the game at grassroots level”. This was aided with slides , rather rushed due to illness at CFA (North Riding).   He covered numerous topics mentioning; confidence, calmness, understanding, behaviour, useful traits, managing players, stepped approach, be a good listener, manage incidents on the pitch, 9/5 challenges, warning signs as to trouble brewing, frustration.    These topics were discussed and feedback was given. Due to a computer hitch, he had to improvise for the latter part of the evening. There was then a Q& A finish.

There was no A o B and meeting closed at 9.10

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