Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 27 October 2017

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend’s games
TOLERANCE of foul play blighted 1950s – article plus excellent videos
FAN jailed for18 months after head-butting referee
WHY REFEREE ABUSE is killing the ‘beautiful game’
TORY MP DOUGLAS ROSS to quit refereeing after 2018 World Cup
PAUL REJER : Discusses ‘Fair Play’
MLS crew in full swing at FIFA U17 World Cup
MLS : Video replay met with VARiable success
MARK CLATTENBURG : How I got started and how I intend going on
PAUL TREVILLION on how a grasp of anatomy can improve every referee – interview by Alex Griffiths
FIFA : What they said after the game
MASSIMO BUSACCA : Absolute reliance on technology can kill the game
PENALTY SHOOT-OUT : Never celebrate too early!!
MARK SAGGERS : The FA owes fans overdue accountability
BOSNIA : Players sit down in protest at referee’s decisions
FRANCE : Teenage footballer given 30-year ban for punching referee
GHANA : League not won on merit as referees are bribed
WALES : Referees graduate from UEFA CORE

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