Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 20 October 2017

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend’s games
EPL employ an eye coach to train referees to see and respond to incidents more quickly
SONIA DENONCOURT : Women refereeing history with the men’s world.  Simply facts, simply history!
VARs in the Premier League?
MIKE WOITALLA : The death of a goalkeeper : Time to ref differently or rewrite the rules
REFEREE CRAIG WARD headbutted after sending off player – suffers serious injuries
BODY CAMERAS for referees — petition
PAUL REJER : Discusses ‘Outside Interference’
FIFA : First female to referee at men’s U17 World Cup, Japan v New Caledonia (1-1) with…..
………with English ARs
FIFA removes Qatari match officials due to diplomatic crisis
MP DOUGLAS ROSS misses Commons vote to run line in Champions League, Barcelona v Olympiakos
FOUR-YEAR-OLD CLARA WALKER wants to be a referee – dad tweets and gets many responses
CUP-TIE REPLAYED as the referee had not read the Rules of the Competition
CHINA : Import foreign referees amid allegations of match-fixing
FRANCE : Referee sends off wrong player.  Lille’s Amadou admits he should have been sent off but to no avail.
HOLLAND : Club loses retaken shoot-out after ABBA system incorrectly used
RUSSIA : Commentator walks out live on air after referee refuses to award a penalty kick

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