Drive Assist – a free benefit from the RA


All fully-paid-up RA Members are automatically covered for Drive Assist under the Association’s Insurance Policy, and completely free of any extra charge, as are all 75-years-and-over Members who opt to pay the excess premium of £8.

But there are some crucial points to remember:

  • If you are involved in an accident, never admit liability.
  • Call 999 if emergency services are needed.
  • Exchange names, addresses and Insurance details with all involved parties.
  • Note everything you can: all witnesses, vehicles, locations, damage and accident circumstances.
  • Be sure to note the make, model, colour and registration number of every vehicle involved.
  • Draw a sketch of the scene, and take photos if possible.
  • Remember to beware of other traffic around the accident scene, particularly on busy highways.

And most importantly:

  • Immediately get in touch FIRST with Spencer Hayes on Hotline 24/7 0800 254 5404 or 0844 576 1561, i.e. BEFORE you contact anyone else about the accident, including your own or anyone else’s Insurance Company.
  • Spencer Hayes will then advise you regarding all the necessary steps you will need to take in order to fully protect your interests under the RA’s Drive Assist scheme.

Please note in particular that:

  • The benefits and advantages of your Drive Assist cover could be jeopardized (or even voided) if you fail to follow this clearly laid-down procedure.
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