Minutes from the 6 April 2017 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 6th April 17

At NHS Sports and Social Club

With 34 members and guests in attendance

Vice-chairman, Jonny Ham welcomed all, especially the newly qualified members.

Apologies were received from Mssrs; Bayley; Atkinson; King; Rich; Casterton; Shiers; and Godson.

Dinner; time running out for late names; menu selections;

Non League Finals; details on line from RA HQ for free tickets covering both matches.

Congratulations were give to the level 6-5 and 7-6 promotions.

New refs were introduced to their mentors.

Problem corner, there was a lot of discussion regarding the Keith Stroud , Newcastle penalty incident where the wrong  decision was given.  A broken leg incident and players  reactions ; an advantage and following incident were both discussed at length.

David Ward, Radio York match day presenter then gave a n outline of the workings of the day. He has been involved for 10 years now with hosting the programme. He discussed various topics; players; board; managers; attitudes. There then followed a question and answer session.

A.o.B. the topic of the CFA allowing coloured kits arose. At the present moment it is Watch this Space.

Meeting closed at 9.00

Ian Hotchkies


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