Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 20 January 2017

RESPECT : The FA to relaunch campaign amid threat of referee strike threat

DERMOT GALLAGHER : Discusses last weekend’s incidents

Why our attitude to referees needs to change

PREMIER LEAGUE TEAMS most yellow cards this season so far

‘DIVING’ : The FA to consider banning players who ‘dive’

KEITH HACKETT : Did the Old Trafford ‘slope’ push official over the edge?

KEITH HACKETT : North East a hotbed of football – and that includes referees!

PAUL REJER : Discusses re-Violent Conduct and team work (18th October 2016)

PLAYER FINED £40,000 over referee comment on Instagram

MANAGER’S FINE paid by fans

RANDY VOGTS : Should new refs be identified?

MARRY ME? And player receives a yellow card

PAUL GARDNER : SOCCER & CONCUSSION (Part 1) : A disgraceful lack of action – Protocols are not enough

DRUG TRAFFIC INFLUENCE on refereeing in Copa Libertadores

AUSTRALIA : Video Assisted Referee (VAR) to be used in next season’s A-league that starts on 7th April 2017

SOUTH AFRICA : Workshop for referees and match commissioners

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