Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 2 December 2016

DERMOT GALLAGHER : Discusses last weekend’s incidents

PREMIER LEAGUE holding video refereeing trials


DOUGLAS ROSS is a FIFA Assistant Referee and also a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP).  A clash of jobs.

THE KNOWLEDGE : Interesting occurrences that required specific knowledge of the Laws – lengthy but interesting article

MLS : Howard Webb among candidates for VAR position with PRO

PAUL REJER : Discusses PK infringements (24th August 2016)

KIM MILTON NIELSEN : Top Euro refs in the EPL?  It’s a non-starter if you ask me

ALEX GRIFFITHS : Once a bad boy, always a bad boy – unless he’s the ref

AUSTRALIA : Cup Final officials announced

GERMANY : Football partnership with China

SCOTLAND : FIFA nominations confirmed by FIFA

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