Minutes of the 3 November 2016 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS Sports Club on 3rd Nov 2016
With 32 members and guests present.

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, with members from Scarborough and Barkston Ash RAs in attendance.

Apologies were received from Mssrs P Ballantyne; G Bradbury.

Mins last meeting; on line, no matters arising.

Details were given, regarding a first aid course; polo shirts; Barkston Ash forthcoming RAFA event.

Membership stood at 43.

Problem Corner; Dave King hosted a interactive quiz based on questions with answers required by bodies moving to a choice of one of four corners.

Darren England, ex FIFA assistant now reffing in the Football League then gave a presentation. Starting with an outline of his career, then became interactive with an item called the Iceberg Illusion, followed by clips and group discussions on the findings. This was an entertaining presentation.

There being no more business, meeting closed at 9.45

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