Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 20 May 2016

EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Saturday 28th May 2016 at San Siro stadium, Milan, Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid, 7.45pm

PAUL GARDNER : Soccer’s new rule book (Part 1) : much improved but still a way to go

REF REVIEW  : Controversial decisions from the last week, week 38

KEITH HACKETT : MLS going in the right direction with PRO referees

PAUL REJER : Discusses injury stoppages and responsibilities

INSTANT REPLAY : Incidents analysed from last weekend’s MLS games

GREG BARKEY : Reviews incidents involving ARs on the MLS

RANDY VOGT : How referees work with assignors

KIM MILTON NIELSEN : Setting career goals

FAIR PLAY contracts during school time playground games


FIFA : New General Secretary

SHE KICKS : Free copy of Issue 35

Pro player, Brenda Perez, disguises herself as a male player and destroys myth

Of women referees and kitchen sinks

CZECH  REP : Drunk officials banned by FA, plus video

POLAND : AR shows off his ball skills during game


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