Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 11 March 2016

130th IFAB AGM : Agreements on the ‘once in a generation’ revision of the Laws, and the introduction of experiments with Video Assistant Referees (VARs), new wording for Law 12 to cover ‘the triple punishment’ for DOGSO within the penalty-area, and a 4th substitution in extra time.

PIERLUIGI COLLINA welcomes video trials

DAVID ELLERAY : This should reduce controversy and confusion

Controversy not video cameras gives football its engrossing vitality

TRIPLE PUNISHMENT : The new wording

DERMOT GALLAGHER discusses incidents from last weekend’s games

Why are Premier League Referees silenced – even into their retirement?

MLS : Points of emphasis for referees 2016 season – kicked off Sunday 5th March

PAUL REJER : Teamwork – interfering with play (offside)

KEITH HACKETT : A good start for FIFA President Gianni Infantino

AMERICA and CANADA referees visit You Are The Ref academy event

CONCACAF : Brian Hall named Director of Refereeing

WELLINGBOROUGH TOWN chairman banned for sexist remarks

CHILDREN’S GAME abandoned after referee is ‘fly-kicked in ribs’

GREECE : PAOK v Olympiakos first leg abandoned

SOUTH AFRICA : Referees not immune from criticism and punishment when warranted

SPAIN : Referee mistakenly shows red card in Barcelona v Rayo Vallecano match


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