Minutes from the 3 December 2015 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 3rd December 2015

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting including guests from the umpires association.

Apols were received from; A McEvoy; J Ham; G Bradbury; A Luff; J Ballantyne; E Shiers; J Suchecki.

Membership; stands at 56, well below last seasons 70

RA Voice over; an item from 1908 was mentioned regarding York RA being formed.

Problem Corner; the FA had issued guidelines about concussion. There was a discussion on this, also wet pitches and not to be swayed into playing if you think pitch is unfit.

Dinner ; April, will discuss in new year.

Jeff Evans; cricket umpire our evenings guest then gave at very colourful and interesting talk/summary of his career. Highlighting some incidents, characters, teams he has encountered in his 19 years as a first class umpire. He mentioned that they now have fitness test and also injury guidelines (as the concussion guidelines). We had to call Jeff to a close after an hour and three quarters of a very entertaining and absorbing evening.

A o B  none

Meeting closed at 9.55

Comment from the President: A disappointing attendance from our members, with fifteen members plus invited guests. We are trying our best to attract good speakers to our meetings, but it is difficult to justify with low turnouts. Members’ suggestions around the content and format of meetings, to encourage more to attend, would be appreciated.

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