Notes from 28 Oct Committee Meeting – the way forward for York RA?

In our continuous quest to improve York RA meetings and make the RA ever more relevant to members, the committee met to discuss ideas about future development. All members’ (and would-be members’) thoughts are very welcome – email us, post on our Facebook wall, or let us know at our next meeting.

Meeting  held on 28th October, with I Hotchkies; Jonny Ham; Joe Ballantyne; Anthony Thornton; Jan Suchecki; Sam Bayley; James Unwin; Brian Smith; Dave Milburn; Connor Ledgeway and Dave King present.

York Academy; improve relations with, suggestion of both meeting on the same night, York RA to start at 8pm after academy.  Encourage parents to attend meetings also.  James  and Geoff to progress

P Hartley suggestions; membership card, stamp attendances at meetings for possible incentives- draw-kit , next season use for FA Cup tickets( to get 3/4  stamps to go into hat). Jonny Ham to progress

Flyer/Poster to produce an eye catching and appealing flyer/poster, and hopefully we can get leagues to send out with correspondence to refs. Ideas were muted. Jonny Ham to progress

Meetings; make more welcoming to young/ new faces, introductions at start of meetings. Make them feel welcome. Cut down on the loud banter. Raffle/Nos board do at interval, and not “in your face”.

Format of meetings; only apols given to secretary prior to meeting will be read out (or no need to read apologies at all); only essential info given-problem corner (not to drag out)-Guest. Aim for 9.30finish at latest if younger refs in attendance.

Identity;  Monogrammed polo shirts/ties , contact G Bradbury/ B Casterton. I Hotchkies/James Unwin to progress.

Dinner;  Do we require toasts to Members/Guests/ Wives? How can we make our events more inclusive?

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