Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 30 October 2015

Ever thought what it is like to be a referee?  Excellent video from the Major League Soccer in USA gives an in-depth look into the life as a professional referee with PRO.  And features insight from PRO backroom staff, including General Manager PETER WALTON, Sports Scientist MATT HAWKEY, Referee Manager MICHAEL KENNEDY, and Training & Development Manager PAUL REJER.

PAUL REJER : Referee and AR co-operation

EPL Managers should stop making referees the scapegoat when they lose

KEITH HACKETT : Clamping down on dissent

PAUL GARDNER : Is soccer, thanks to GLT, becoming a game of millimeters (sic)?

ALAN WILEY : Refereeing standards have been very good at ISL 2015

BRIAN MCGINLAY : English refs earn £70k per year and still make more mistakes than our refs

DANNY MURPHY : Inconsistent EPL referees

OH DEER!  What a goal!!

URS MEIER relates to rugby referee Craig Joubert rumpus

Riddle of Clive Oliver’s County FA exit

MARCO FERREIRA : Vitor Melo Pereira pressures referees to favour Benfica

GERMANY : Five-match ban for dangerous tackle on opponent

HOLLAND : Referee Ed Janssen shows incredible tekkers after match

PERU : Referee produces back-heel assist for winning goal (click 2nd of the two videos)


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