Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 7 May 2015

Minutes of AGM held on 7th May 2015
at NHS Club, with 11 members present.

This was lowest attendance in the minutes which go back to 1964.

The chairman opened the AGM by saying that the CFA were holding a promotions seminar along with the local FA finals .

Apologies were received from Mssrs; C Ledgeway; Unwin; G Hartley; Smith; Luff; McEvoy; P Ballantyne; Ham; Bishop; Suchecki; Godson; Allanby; Shiers; and Greenway.

Mins last AGM were read, no matters arising.

Secretary’s Report, was given no matters arising.

Treasurers Report, Dave King gave a report saying we were in a healthy position.

Election of Officers, committee was elected as follows;

President/Secretary.. Ian Hotchkies; Chairman/Treasurer.. John Ledgeway; V/Chair.. P Ballantyne; Training Officer..David King; Membership Secretary.. Sam Bayley; Supplies..Brandon Bishop. Committee; Geoff Hartley; Brian Smith; Dave Milburn; Jonny Ham; James Unwin; Conor Ledgeway; Jan Suchecki. Ex Officio.. Tony Thornton. CRA Reps; I Hotchkies; D King. Auditor; Ron Price

There being no permissible business the meeting closed at 7.59.

Ian Hotchkies

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