Minutes of the 7 May 2015 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on May 7th 2015
At NHS Club with 11 members present.

Lowest recorded attendance in minutes. Minutes go back to 1964.

The chairman opened the meeting explaining that a CFA promotion seminar was taking place that evening.

Apologies were received from Mssrs C Ledgeway; McEvoy; P Ballantyne; Ham; Bishop; Suchecki; Godson; Allanby; Shiers; and Greenway.

Mins of last meeting, were taken as read and accepted, no matters arising.

Dinner, A Thornton gave a report on the dinner. A few points were raised and discussed. Overall venue was accepted and to return next year.

Membership, subs were now due £23.00

There then followed an open session which covered many topics; creating interest in RA, expectations of newer members; helping players/parents involved in youth U11-U8s aware of the laws. Dave King to contact Barry Casterton as to the viability of holding a training night with clubs etc. Various problems were raised  and hopefully constructive advice given.

Meeting closed at 9.15

Ian Hotchkies

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