Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 1 May 2015

YOU-ARE-THE-REF.COM discuss incidents from lst weekend’s games

PAUL GARDNER : Concussion dangers still not fully accepted

MICHAEL OLIVER still tip for the top with right coaching

KEITH HACKETT on being a ref in youth soccer

KEITH HACKETT : Where referees need to raise their awareness – and how

PAUL REJER discusses DOGSO and playing advantage

FIFA : Officials undergo intensive preparations ahead of Women’s World Cup finals

RANDY VOGT : The skin cancer dilemma for refs

Players and referees must communicate

OFC Champions League Final 2015 : appointments

CONCACAF Champions League Final, 2nd leg: appointments.  1st leg score : 1-1 aet.

GREECE : Ex-FIFA referee and current MP speaks out on football regulations

INDIA : Referees’ workshops conducted with the PGMOL

JAPAN : Referees’ exchange programme with Australia

SOUTH AFRICA : Goalkeeper fined R50,000 (£2,750) for referee social media rant


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