Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 23 Jan 2015

YOU-ARE-THE-REF.COM discuss recent games on the Premier League.

YOU-ARE-THE-REF Question Time – Central London, Thursday, 26th February

Top PL referees earn five times more than those on FL

Are Premier League referees biased towards the big clubs?

KEITH HACKETT : Good team work, and how it can improve refereeing

MARK HALSEY : Put an end to shirt sanctions

ROB HARRIS : New slant on the north-south divide

PIERLUIGI COLLINA backs move towards ‘white-card’ and sinbins

IFFHS : World’s best woman referee 2014 : Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany)

Spare the rod and you will spoil the players

The scourge of diving is not the referees’ problem alone

CYPRUS : Bomb attack at home of referee’s mother

FRANCE : Leonardo, banned one year for pushing referee, is suing the FFF for almost €9m

GERMANY : Referees train in Mallorca – and attend seminars

HOLLAND : Ref’s outstretched arm signal breaks player’s nose!

ITALY : AR on his backside flags offside.  But should the attacker have been declared offside?


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