Videos & Articles from Mal Davies – 19 Dec 2014 discuss last weekend’s Premier League games and ‘diving’

Premier League referees need to be more consistent when it comes to simulation

HOWARD WEBB : Discusses simulation/diving on SKY

Premier League referees have to stop bottling decisions

PAUL GARDNER : Yet again English refs land themselves in trouble

THE WORST PHANTOM? – ball in net, referee awards CK instead of goal

DARREN CANN : Retires from International football

KEITH HACKETT : Assessment system needs a shake-up

UEFA : Promotions and demotions 2014/2015

SONIA DENONCOURT appointed CONCACAF Director of Refereeing

Beyond perfection, referees are the real superheroes

BRAZIL : Best referee trio receive award

GERMANY : ‘Referee of the Year’, Wolfgang Stark, reaches 300 Bundesliga games

KUWAIT : Gross foul goes unpunished – video plus comment

RWANDA : Referees to wear STOP CORRUPTION jerseys during matches

SOUTH KOREA : First awards for referees — and ‘Respect Campaign’ implemented

WALES : Swansea City unlucky in red card appeal


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