New Refs Course at York College

In January 2015 there is a new course for potential referees.

Introductory night (Module 1) is on 14 Jan at 7-9pm.Course is then on 2 Sundays 930-5pm on the 18 & 25 Jan. – you must attend both these two Sundays.

There will also be a requirement to the Safeguarding Children workshop on Wed 21 Jan at 6.30-9.30pm.

For further information you can visit

The course can also be booked online at NRCFA at

It is a rewarding hobby and can soon become way of life…….a good way of keeping fit and keeping involved in the game.

If you wish to talk about the course you can ring York RA Training Officer / NRCFA Tutor on York 793767 or email at

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