Minutes of the 1st May 2014 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 1st May 2014

At NHS Club with 24 members present

Apologies were received, from Mssrs G Hartley; Bradbury; Godson; Shiers; Bishop; Coote; Allenby and B Ballantyne.

Mins of Last meeting  were read and accepted, no matters arising.

Correspondence regarding; CFA central appointments system; fitness tests; RA insurance and reply to complaints about the dinner were read and discussed.

Membership stands at 35, members to be aware you are not covered by insurance if not paid your subs.

York Legends Evening chairman gave a report of a good evening.

Cricket, 29TH June names to Joe Ballantyne. Jonny Ham had been in conversation with a Morcambe member who would like to restart the ties between the RAs in some way.  Thoughts for Sept meeting.

Problem Corner,  advice on a player and spectator at grips was discussed, also length of grass on the pitch, penalty spot in a hole, geography, the web site has  you are the ref questions  and other articles of interest.

Congratulations  were given to promotion candidates and advice given as what to expect and what is expected when you make the step up.

Liam Wodsworth told of his experience in a Croatian tournament , Jan Suchecki and Amy Humphries are going to a tournament in the States

Peter  Hartley asked for sponsorship and assistance in forthcoming cycle ride.

A.o.B. York College always on the lookout to referee matches, contact P Hartley or John Ledgeway

Meeting closed at 9.25

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